Rock leaves Scissors

... I think you're better than me. xD

Rock leaves Scissors Review

... Now I want to play some Pokémon too.

Rock leaves Scissors Review

More disappointing leaves to contend with, eh? : D

Rock leaves Scissors Review

xD You're about right, this game is pretty much a joke made between two coffees.

I am genuinely sad that the BGM annoys you, though.

Sweet Middleground 5 ~the cave~ Review

actually adding something new instead of simply making a game that's "more of the same", because you know after 4 other titles the puzzle can become stale (well this doesn't happen with this series and does not happen with Repent Loci either!).

Exactly. I have a core theme for Sweet Mid to which I'm faithful, but the content must be renewed for the theme to be enriched. (and also, if I don't try stuff, I won't improve)

Sweet Middleground 5 ~the cave~ Review

This exact room was giving me a lot of issues/headaches, trying to figure out how to get through to where this screenshot is positioned at. I ended up throwing my hands up, and editing the map with Ace. So, good on you for figuring it out!

I was hesitating to furnish a solution for this dungeon's puzzles, you're confirming that there's a need for it. I'll do it.

I can agree that the music here is modified version from previous entries. You could say the whole game is like a giant throwback to the previous entries, though, there is a kind of reasoning behind that other than pure nostalgia value.

Spot on~ the tracks are remixes of tracks throughout the other games, with the exception of the beginning and ending.

Sweet Middleground 5 ~the cave~ Review

That was a bit of a wild bet, an action game in the Sweet Mid series, wasn't it? ='D...

that are really worth of playing so you MUST try all these games

If you knew how much it warms my heart to read that.

Mapping isn't something over complicated but it's ok since most of the time we are exploring caves, and most maps are also functional to some puzzles

Yeah, that's very much the idea. The main purpose of the maps was the puzzle and enemy distribution.

game is frenetic

Seems like a consensus, I shall have to review the difficulty.

I admit that a great solution was save-scumming

I think it's perfectly fair, I did it while testing too =P

despite that I was able to proceed exploring cautiosly.

This was sort of how I intended the game to be played, actually. It would have lost its narrative value if you could overlevel your way through it easily, yknow. Was it wise of me, though?...

when Antigone's mother asks her daughter to kiss Vincent, you may even kiss the wall behind her and the game will treat as she kissed Vincent!

xD I'll need to correct that.

And the art? AWESOME


rpgmaker isn't exactly a great engine optimized for action games, so it's ok, good but no exceptional or memorable.

I'll humbly take it, I faced the challenge knowing the tool wasn't made for it. I'm glad enough it's not straight up a mess.

You know the drill, thanks for playing, without your reviews I'd be walking in the dark, and I'll certainly reevaluate my decision making after this~

Sweet Middleground 5 ~the cave~

Now I'm worried, because I mentioned how to change the game difficulty not once,
but twice ='D. I must have a problem with putting important info right within the attention drop intervals.
Go to the bedroom, and move Vincent's mattress.

Sweet Middleground 5 ~the cave~


You're right, the wood thing requires another weapon to destroy it~

I haven't had the luxury of much playtesting yet, so I might adjust the difficulty, but it is supposed to be challenging in Normal, really. Don't hesitate to switch to Easy (although I don't mind you using the rvdata2 either).

The clickers are dangerous, you're not supposed to fight them head on. The polearm has more range that they do, and you can move obstacles.

And I was all happy when I found this idea of a healing kiss mechanic =D

Thanks for the detailed feedback. If you can't get through the game, don't hesitate to drop it until I make it easier, if necessary.

Sophia&Shire Review

Already done, I was editing the text! :P
Anyway I never found annoying the companion presence in SM, maybe places were bigger or better, their presence was limited.
Story was good... but... BUT... I cannot comment or it would be s huge spoiler heh. Just to say: I expected one particular culprit, then my attention shifted to other two and then... I weas right in the beginning! Lol

Tell me on discord whom you suspected and why, I'm interested =D
In Sweet Mid 4, you had perhaps not missed the S mechanic, and the maps were also wider, that's very true. Antigone didn't enter the individual rooms too.