Sweet Middleground 5 ~the cave~ Review

Yeah, I expected that, don't worry.

"daughter of hers" instead of "daughter of ours".

Nope, that was the intended sentence indeed.

I honestly wonder why people even bother creating games like this with RPG Maker

It's the experimentation, the learning process, you know? This was the original purpose of the Sweet Mid series, allowing me to learn the software. So, in order to both be faithful to that, and in order to not let the series get stale, I try things.

Atelier Iris: Eternal Mana

Finally, someone knows a game in the Atelier series xD

save scumming a pretty good strategy in this game. So much so that it feels like the developer intended for people to use this method to advance.

I won't go as far as to say "intended", but I definitely welcomed its use, that's true.

So it's pretty clear this game is meant to be a homage to everything that came before it.

Yeah, that's more or less what it is. It doesn't really advance the story, not finishing it isn't a big deal~

Sorry to have subjected you to that ='D I don't regret trying, but I think I did stray too far off the safer series's core. Or, dare I say, off the sweet middle ground.

Sweet Middleground 4 ~the sand castle~ Review

a bit sooner than than Zorga would have liked

For the fourth game, I welcome it, actually. It's the fifth game I'm mostly worried about, too many people have dropped it...


That is crazy °_°
Did you find the lack of glamor to be a flaw? I was under the impression that it matched the mood of the series...

blue-haired twins are rather annoying

I'm on the fence about that. On one hand, they're the game's antagonists, so they're supposed to not be welcome; on the other hand, I tried to keep things light, and perhaps I failed.

one of the branches in the forest exists to just to tease the player and is only accessible after Antigone decides to follow Vincent around

No no no, they're all solvable as soon as you get the glove, I promise! Not all obvious, but all solvable.

I would apologize, but being a guy it's hard not to notice stuff like this.

Don't apologize, I'm glad you noticed one xD. It's not the only bounce, too, but they're barely noticeable. Once again, keeping things modest in Sweet Mid, yknow.

Not that I don't plan on competing with DoA elsewhere.

that annoying chicken

xD that was cruel of me, wasn't it? But what can I say, chickens made better plushies than cakes.

I didn't react to the mistakes, as I'm working on them as we speak. Or, write. I'll keep the sprites though, sorry; although you've given me an additional reason for a sprite update in the future. I'm quite grateful of the effort you put in your feedback, and flattered you're still playing the series. I pray it won't suddenly collapse with Sweet Mid 5.

Sweet Middleground 4 ~the sand castle~ Review

Good catch xD this is obviously cardboard.

Regarding Fumiko's portrait, it's been fixed for a long time, I simply never updated the dl.

As for the softlocks... Well, you're right, there are a few possible softlocks, but they all require willingness. And since the puzzles are quite precise, I'm hesitant to touch them at all.

Should I include the story of the game in its description ?

It's not epic, but it's definitely interesting. This being said, I don't think you need it: this is just contextual, and the current "introduction" part already explains the goal of the game very well.

Small update

xD Don't worry Ozzy, he'll forever be buffed in our memories, no matter what the pixels say.

Sweet Middleground 3 ~the lost keys~ Review

games 4 and 5 for November as well

Honestly, take your time. I'm still hoping to update them soon, and game 5 in particular needs some balancing. It's too hard for a Sweet Mid game. So I thank the Romans, ave Caesar, may his legions hold you off until I can upload =D

Sweet Middleground 3 ~the lost keys~ Review

That's very interesting, I'll watch them all as they come. Silent playthroughs, or commentary?

Sweet Middleground 3 ~the lost keys~ Review

Good summarizing as always.

Though it does appear Zorga has been scaling them back a bit. Probably because some of the lines in this game are so horny it hurts.
You know, that might actually be the case. They've somewhat left the realm of comedy and entered the realm of mutual discomfort in that game, and for that reason, I probably went easy to avoid heaviness.

Vincent is going to be jerking off to Antigone in her new midriff baring outfit all night lone.
You're in the right direction, you're just going waaay too far xD

to begin with "It's" instead of "this is".
Good catch, this will be corrected in the incoming update.
footage I have for my Let's Play
... Wait, is that true, do you have footage of Sweet Mid?

this game's greatest strength is it's characterization of Vincent and Antigone and show casing the changing dynamics of their relationship.
This is actually a really nice compliment, right in line with my hopes.

Yep, the fangirl isn't very meaningful so far - nor popular, from what I've see. But she's an investment, I need her later in the series, I promise!

how Vincent hasn't been banned from the library by now
He's got the low level equivalent of a plot armor =D

their sprites have been redesigned to look more three dimensional
I'm afraid those are here to stay... Fortunately in the case of Antigone, she does get a ponytail at some point. It helps with the bowling pin shape, I'm sure. Yet, I'll keep that piece of feedback in mind for when I'm tempted by further visual updates.

Though it definitely looks like Zorga tried to throw in a few seasonal changes to imply this game takes place several weeks after the last one.
Yeah. At least enough for the timeline to make sense, yknow.

This being said, thanks again for playing, and for your patience with the series. And for the surprisingly generous score. Once again, update incoming, but this time it'll be much lighter than in the previous games, so your review is very much up to date~

Sweet Middleground 2 ~the birthday cake~ Review

Yeah, Rose also looks like I wouldn't try to annoy her.

I sure hope you saw that one joke coming xD. The moment the name of the cake is announced, it must be awaited with insistence.

you simply need to hit the cart again while it's moving.
That's an interesting exploit you found. I'm not sure I should fix it, because most people actually consider this puzzle the hardest. Have a non obvious solution B could be good, even a buggy one.
This being said, a flaw of that game that you implicity state is that it requires a lot of rule guessing. That's interesting to me, but I need to be careful with it.

So it's possible to explore the darkness here.
I'll take a look at that.

To simply be there so the player has something tickling their auditory sequences,
That is actually quite close to my BGM philosophy - this being said, it doesn't mean I'd be able to make memorable music if I tried.

Thanks for playing those two games. The fixes for this one will come soon, since I was already on it~

Sweet Middleground Review

That's a pretty good summary of the characters' flaws~
It is rather trope-centric, but that's a tool I'll gladly embrace, really.

On the bad side of the scale the game swears a little too much for my liking.
I've had the feedback that it was too vulgar several times, and upon making the latest corrections, I actually agreed. So, that's been toned down.

there really isn't that much gameplay to be had in this game.
There was no gameplay at the time, that's completely true. I was still learning the very basics of RM at the time, so I didn't take the risk.

(I like Disgaea too)

the music in this game just exists as far as I'm concerned.
Neutral feedback about the music is good enough for me, honestly. I'm happy.

As for the post script... I did spot the double entendre, but I chose to get rid of it completely instead xD. This kind of toying around is a better fit later on in the series.