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Sweet Middleground series - slice of life, romance
Best played in proper order
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2: https://rpgmaker.net/games/11140/
3: https://rpgmaker.net/games/11472/
4: https://rpgmaker.net/games/11919/

Repent Loci series - horror
Can be played in any order
Severed Waters: https://rpgmaker.net/games/11093/
The Orb: https://rpgmaker.net/games/11292/
apologies: https://rpgmaker.net/games/11600/
Severed Links: https://rpgmaker.net/games/12052/



Sweet Middleground 4 ~the sand castle~ Review

Fortunately, I'm also improving with the composition, so it should keep getting better : D

Sweet Middleground 4 ~the sand castle~ Review

The double Antigone is fixed, it's the gate I didn't catch. But I'll find it, don't worry~
Well, Fumiko is a bit particular, because she's not part of a context. She's an addition to the existing context, she's basically a plot device that's connected to Antigone and growing there. That's why she's presented so gradually, and seems to lack a proper will. But I don't want to go into details - there are gonna be more characters, and more places. And more measured pacing, surely, as it is slice of life after all =P

This game was among my favorite games made during Seasons 4, and the soundtrack is a reasonable contender for "Summoner of Sounds" this year, in my humble opinion.

I have not played the other games in this series, but, I'm mildly curious to check them out. Probably should fix that, one of these days!
You don't know how pleased that makes me. I was certain the game would tank without the previous three pre-played, and being congratulated on a soundtrack is really valuable to me.

Sweet Middleground 4 ~the sand castle~ Review

I wasn't about to catch the reference, I have no idea what Playahitty is °u°.
And you know, I think it's pretty healthy for you to hate a character upon proper criteria. She is kind of useless so far - at least, for the players - and I say it's a reasonable point. It means that the characters you don't dislike (the main two in particular) didn't get a free pass, y'know? I like that.

I'll check the castle gate next time I open RM.

It's not really easy to keep a general direction interesting, no, you're right. And... Well, not speaking of games, but of stories in general: the value of what your story is centered around shakes a bit, as it gets explored; both because it's less new, and because it's increasingly complicated. Normally (normally), this is my domain, but games are a somewhat new way to tell stories to me, so I do wonder.

Sweet Middleground 4 ~the sand castle~ Review

It's summer in here too, I'm overheating twice a day ._.

So you hate Fumiko and you can't push a wheelbarrow, eh... No, just kidding. You're right, she was a red herring, and my sokoban gameplay is bound to end up in corners sometimes. And I'm proud 8D. I was proud of the "section just before the ending", too. It took me a while to event, and it let to enrichment on some other projets (but, it's not really related). It's funny how you're especially wary of the spoilers on that one, and in a sense it's a good sign for me. It means my assessment of the game matches your experience. I'm happy about that, I had a bit of a hard time meeting my plans on that one... I don't know if I ever told you, but I'm rambling right now xD

The few bugs you found are found and corrected, they'll be in the next upload. Apart from the "castle game disappearing" thing, you'll have to tell me more about that one. And if that's the worst of it, then again I'm proud and happy. These are the games I'm the most attached to, and this episode in particular... Well, you said it without saying it. Spoilers spoilers ='D
Thanks for playing, and thanks for being receptive to the direction it's taking.

-repent loci- Severed Links Review

That's not quite how it works =P

-repent loci- Severed Links Review

Apologies is set up in a bit of a different part of the lore, yes. I'll still mess with it eventually as well : D

-repent loci- Severed Links Review

Ah, starting to feel the confusion, are you? 8D
Well I admit, it's a short and easy game I made in between two tasks, in order to pile up some more questions and make the pattern confusing. It's exactly as you saw it.

There is some particular value in it that's not apparent yet, though... This blonde daughter you saw is one of the most important characters in all of Repent Loci. But that's about it, I'll still leave you in your teased state =D

Sweet Middleground 3 ~the lost keys~ Review

Everyone will agree that the best improvement between the two pictures is the departure of the rooster.

Sweet Middleground 3 ~the lost keys~ Review

Nah, I get it. I've had some conflicting feedback on the matter: for some, the empty shapes fit Sweet Mid better because they look funny, and for others, they fit Repent Loci better because they look unreal. I'm still sorting it out.

The return of sokobans is a meme that I embraced, cooking is one of the story themes, and fetch quests are kind of unavoidable; so it's a bit different. The minigames are in the ballpark of the clues interface for example, they're a test feature that's optional. The 4th games will have new stuff as well, you'll see. I'll keep it fresh as much as I can, I know slice of life gets stale when not treated right =P

Sweet Middleground 3 ~the lost keys~ Review

It's not a problem? There's improvement, but it's still not very... I'm not sure, actually. It looks empty, but at the same time it makes important characters stand out. I would like to keep that aspect, while still adressing the fact that they're plain eerie. I'll find a compromise eventually °_°.
Also, I didn't realize you could edit your reviews, but it only makes sense.

So, about the lack of manipulation minigames: with Sweet Mid, the general idea is that I try to have a "gameplay" flavor for each game. They're all the same genre, but each has its experiments y'know. Once again, tribute to the fact I'm learning RM. So I can't tell you if they'll be back or not, and in what manner. Just maybe, depends on my upcoming ideas.

Spoiler dodging xD nah, I'm pretty sure the "mourning" part during the conclusion was on purpose. Vincent dit mourn the events. It's a sweet series, but I need to wrestle with the characters to make them grow, after all =D well, you'll get more of that in the next game actually. So, indeed, see you there.