Turovero: The Celestial Tower

This game deserves more love and support, the story was beyond amazing !

revisiting after a while... I'm really glad this game is getting the recognition it deserves.
I wish you more success !

School Urban Legends

Is the creator dead or something ?
I can barely find any walkthrough related to this game and there is no sign of the creator anywhere... Too bad, I really wanted to finish this game but I am still stuck with the code for the door in the last floor.

School Urban Legends

J'ai besoin d'aide svp, je n'arrive pas à trouver le code pour entrer à l'école.
Merci d'avance.

Black Galax: Revert

Sorry to bother you again, but I'm stuck at this task of brewing tea for Athena.
These are my answers but it's incorrect so can you please tell me where I'm wrong :

Q1 : 50 secs
Q2 : 75 min
Q3 : 2 min
Q4 : 1 min

Black Galax: Revert

Hi! Thanks for trying out the game. For a lot of the fights, usually if you make a mistake in the first few turns, it can easily spiral out of control and make the boss a long and tedious process. So once you figured out what's wrong, close the game and restart the fight again. You'll find that it's much easier once you know what to do from the start.

And the fights will get tougher from here onward.

As for this fight in particular, you need to make sure that most of your party have at least vRevre/Zone tier weapons for everyone. (Zefner/Lectrovace for Vincent, Fire/Windia for Isabel and Garnes/Kane for Lyeric) Or else, it's likely you won't do enough damage. You'll also need decent attacking Charms like Abash/Honing (Tier 1 works fine for now if you got a decent weapon) and Aster III which you should automatically get after clearing Prologue II.

Do not target the 'Minions' as their healing will outpace you, all the time. Instead, just target the boss. Buff up and heal during the Exhaustion phase. Keep targeting one side when it splits, once Fiery Droid is killed, one of the Hex Support will self-destruct.

Two Three good habits for every boss fight:
  • Remember to use Lyeric's Defense Ignore! They are EXTREMELY useful for enemies with High defenses like this.
  • Make sure to debuff the enemy with Attack Control from Damien. (DEF Control here is unnecessary because of DEF Ignore. Only use DEF Control if enemy is immune to Defense Ignore (Which won't happen at least for Revert)
  • Check the weaknesses and status ailment of a boss during the fight. It can help you find weaknesses and status ailments to capitalize on. It becomes VERY important in later battles where you have to rely on both Weaknesses and Boss's weakness to certain status ailments to do proper damage. Elemental States can modify that amount too.

Hey ! Thanks for your help, I managed to beat the boss :D
I guess my problem was in the equipments, I had the weapons you listed but most of my team's members didn't have the aster III or the charms you mentioned, I had to go back and do some killing to get enough money for that. It was rewarding in the end, my whole team is now at lv 30.

Turovero: The Celestial Tower

This game deserves more love and support, the story was beyond amazing !

Black Galax: Revert

Hi, I'm getting desperate here so please help ^^'
I started the game not so long ago but I got stuck in this one boss fight -Mutiplicity CR Havenragh ch1 final boss-, I just don't know what strategy should I be following, everytime I almost get to Knock it out it heals itself thanks to its "minions" and they're unbeatable so my only option is to target the boss, the fight got really long and frustrating that I just ended up shutting down the whole thing and sacrificing my progress since the last checkpoint... Just how the hell do you beat this bastard ?

Around me, crimson-stained leaves

The game is running slow in my computer...
Any help ?
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