Final Fantasy Blackmoon Prophecy II

Here are a few more things I found:
-The Magitek and Poison materia say they increase a stat called Tenacity, but it looks like it raises luck.
-When riding Winter with Bolt as the lead if you face right or up part of Winter's feet appear above Bolt's head.
-Not sure if this counts but at the pawn shops you can occasionally buy DNA that used to be used to create the Augerer summons, unless it does something different now.
-Bolt's second limit break says it attacks twice but you actually attack 3 times.
-When using the Buel summon, (Viral Fang I think it was called) the monster summoned does not match the monster that drops the materia.
-In Clean Sweep's description is says you summon an Aquila, but the materia name is Anguiform.
-Trigger's second limit break only costs 60 LP instead of 70.
-The Astra Materia says it increases vitality, but it increases luck.
-In Fahlud Castle's first screen there is a room on the right where you can walk through a clock.

Final Fantasy Blackmoon Prophecy II

I only have this through that test NPC in the arena, but Edric's Rally ability restores 25 HP to the party instead of MP.

Bug Reports

That fixed it! Thanks a lot.

Bug Reports

Hi, I just downloaded this game and it keeps crashing in the western forest right before you save Jolteon's father. The characters run up to him and then it crashes with this error:
"Script 'krosk error' line 89: NameError occured.
uninitialized constant Audio::UTFSEXT"

Any help would be appreciated. I'm looking forward to playing :D

Final Fantasy Blackmoon Prophecy

When you turn on Godot's Shockwave augment it adds it to his spell list in the menu but once you get in combat it doesn't appear in either magic or x-magic. Also when I activated Nobumasa's augment it also activated Ami's as well.

Star Stealing Prince

I don't understand all the comments about this game being hard. Learn to use the systems in place (weakness, status effects) and you can defeat every boss easily. When I played through it the only difficult part was hoping the game didn't crash!

09-22-2012 Game Development Update(s)

Ah, I'm glad to see someone making blue magic not useless.

Final Fantasy Blackmoon Prophecy

Favorite Party:
Vahn, since you have to use him.
Ami, cuz she is super awesome blue mage.
Godot, because he is more useful than Elina in every way.
Nobumasa, because he is a killing machine!(Seriously, ultimate weapon+wolf ring+haste+Dragon Force=win)
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