Americana Dawn

How did I managed to miss this game? This is.... awesome

World's Dawn

Aaw, pretty graphics. Really looking forward to it :)

EVERNA FireHeart Legacy VX

Or, another way: u can press F9 and set the switches: "robert is gone" to off and after going out from the inn set the switch "robert is found" to on.

This is only possible if you run the game from the RPG Maker itself.

EVERNA FireHeart Legacy VX

I thought the game has no downloads at first. You should put a link in the download section, instead of putting it in the game details, which is unnecessarily too long. Just cut the unimportant parts. And the game itself looks promising, considering that this is your very first game.

Need input on tiles

Maybe you can make more variations on the floor, or make the colors brighter. At first sight I thought it's just plain black.

edit: moved to another computer and it looked so different now. Forget the floor stuff, it must be the monitor.

Which battle type is good for you?

Actually, more than 5 RM games used that system. I don't remember any good one though.
Myself, I prefer real time stuffs, like the ones from bioware. Their games are soo damn good. And I hate ATBs sometimes, especially tactical ones that doesn't give you time to think about the tactics. Now, that is pointless.

Progress Update

I guess there will be no new demo till the final release, eh?

Valthirian Arc : Daybreak

Ha, just wondered when you are going to post this game.
I usually dislike flash games, but I guess I'll have to check out this game

Vanilla Villain

Same as Mary and Ness, I didn't hear any music at all...


Epic. The char and the interface clash with the surrounding, but that's not a problem with me