Most of my spare time is taken up either writing music or drinking beer (pilsner) with a friend and going over our great idea for a RPG story. Whether we will ever have enough time to make it into a game is another question, but if we do we'll put it up here.

Amateur musician with crazy tastes...always wanted to compose music for a game but have yet to do so...



The RPG Music Challenge - Phase 2 results

My Vote: 8 Great orchestration and a fantastic melody, wouldn't seem out of place in any game I've played

Other stand out entries:

10: Loved the orchestration in this one
13: Memories of home/young friends. This one realy hit the theme
15: Good use of instrumentation
21: Great melody, really set the scene

The quality of the entries even surpasses the last phase!

The RPG Music Challenge

Emmych, just submit what you have! (so long as it sort of.. wraps up) That's what I did ._.

Yeah, seriously. Mine is more of a piece with mild orchestration, not exactly full on. And besides, you'll be kicking yourself if all of the other entries are lame compared to yours and you didn't submit it!

The RPG Music Challenge

The only reason I'm not worried is that I knew I hardly had any time to dedicate to this one - so I started out with low expectations. I did, however, have a last minute panic last night and have to change/re-submit my entry but all in all I'm pretty pleased with it!

At least I think I hit the theme this time, unlike my completely un-lava-like entry to the last phase.

The RPG Music Challenge

You realize that the minimum requirement listed for EWQL is 4 gigs of ram, right? And that the recommended is 16?! No wonder you're having memory problems! D:

I'm only running the Gold version so 2GB is usually enough for the basics I use it for (ie not full orchestration). I may make a slight tweak on my track tomorrow though as I'm in danger of being mauled for using the same instrument to carry the theme - hopefully I will have enough time; and hopefully the orchestration I have done will be enough to carry me through!

My next purchase is a beefy mixer, but they're $1,000+ o_o;

I used to use hardware mixers but have found in recent years that the cubase mixer is more than sufficient for my needs - as I also can't afford a decent hardware mixer. I am quite interested in one of these though... SSL Duende.

I got one vote in phase 1 so two votes in phase 2 is a must.

The RPG Music Challenge

In the past, I had to do that a lot of times, actually! Especially with EWQL, which, if memory serves, is what you use. It's a beast of a program, for sure. Aside from cost, that's partially why I switched to Garritan. It's not nearly as competent, but it's not a memory hog and you can make it sound decent enough with proper mixing :P

Yeah I use EWQL, years ago I used HALion String Edition(1) but that turned out to be a huge waste of money as I was never happy with the realism of the instruments, and that was pretty beefy too. Unfortunately my MoBo can only handle 2GB RAM otherwise I would just upgrade - maybe it's time to bite the bullet, but maybe I'll give Garritan a go in the mean time! Cheers

The RPG Music Challenge

I have four words for mine, also; Pain in the arse.
It's no-where near as orchestrated as I would like as I kept running out of memory! In the end I resorted to exporting the half finished track to MP3, re-importing it into a new project as an audio track so I could load up more instruments. Good fun though.

The RPG Music Challenge

Congratulations harmonic, it was a great submission. Looking forward to hearing the next round of entries, if phase 1 is anything to go by there should be some pretty epic ones.

The RPG Music Challenge

Finished/Submitted, luckily I realised at the end that this one has to loop as well! That very nearly caught me out.

IRQ Not Less Than Or Equal error

Do you use any external hardware such as a firewire soundcard or USB midi interface? if so make sure these are running on the latest firmware and you have the most up to date driver installed. It's probably worth fully testing your RAM also as this may be on the way out; memtest86.com or any Ubuntu Linux cd should be able to help you test that.

The RPG Music Challenge

it makes me yearn for the time when I was naive to enough to believe that this was a straightforward theme...

Hey, at least there'll be no fights about whether 3 tracks means three instruments and whether those three instruments can be played in the same space at the same time by the same person, while playing timpani.

The RPG Music Challenge

the whole point of nostalgia is that it's bittersweet

This might be hard one. See, nostalgia isn't exactly about happiness, but the "sentimental yearning for it" as stated above.

Yeah, that is a more accurate description - not sure if that makes it easier or harder...
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