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Lenin - The Lion
Lenin - The Lion, is a Drama RPG Game where you control an albino lion, the only one of the species. Because of that, Lenin suffers depression and needs to fight against his inner enemies.
A little heart can go a long way
Qui Domi
Fight monsters under the bed to save a dying world.
The reality you live in is only shaped by your imagination.
Breaking Thoughts
Can you stop them from intruding?
You have two weeks left, what will you do.
Napa, who has had a nightmare since she was a child, decided to visit the ruined school that appeared in her dream. But something in there won't let her go back.
The Huntress of the Holl...
Little... Pink Riding Hood?
The brain controls all bodily functions. You do not have a body.
Dream Quest: Knight and ...
The knight Gwyn must travel to the land of Dreams to rescue Princess Isela!
A game about friendship, loss, and white lilies.
The Emperor of the Moon
The girl took a long journey and finally arrived at the palace to visit an ailing empress.
A light, wistful tribute to The Little Prince in which a work-in-progress robot befriends a star.
206 Fantasma
Take the lead of community center for paranormal elderly, youth, and children
A short but witty adventure game in which you help a potion maker get to his shop.
Virgo vs the Zodiac
Cosmic JRPG where you play as a cute villain.
An open exploration-based puzzle game with a cool dog.