what even are games anyway
Dreaming Mary
The adventure through a girl's final dream.



Update 3 - Making decisions

It's looking good =D
I like the "Talent" part of the stats, hohoho.

Turtle ninjas are fine I bet =P

Update 1 - It begins

Ahh, awesome. I look forward to when you get the 'a-ha!' moment too! =D

Update 1 - It begins

Yay for updates!

Gotta say, I'm really in love with how the music notes move. The flagged one is really cute ;_;

Maybe if I create the right graphics, the perfect story will fall into place.

This is... a really inspiring and striking statement. I kind of want to covet it.

The graphics are coming along great, and I'm sure the story which matches their atmosphere will be something wonderful.

Pick-a-pose-n-object Game

*nervous sweats* what's an interesting item to suggest hmmm

you can never go wrong with ice cream cones I guess. Please give him at least 5 enormous scoops. Let him live the dreams that I cannot *single tear

Pick-a-pose-n-object Game

Progress on Act 1, Act 2 Plans, New Gamepage?

@ New Gamepage, sure, why not? You'll get more makerscore, power, and women that way

Side quests seem fun too. Good luck!

Q&A: The Moral of Dreaming Mary

Yeah, the execution is really far from perfect XD
As long as it accomplished the end goal of making some people think a little, I'm pretty ok with it in the end.

I suppose such an experience is hard to control, though. Player experience and interpretation is such a diverse, unknowable thing. I suppose that's why using games as artform can be tricky.

It is hard to control, but that's the fun about games! It's still a lot of fun to read about how you saw the game. Sure, it might not be what I envisioned, but that's how it is for all creators. Once it's out in the world, anything goes.

Q&A: The Moral of Dreaming Mary

Thanks slashphoenix! Yeah, I-- well, obviously agree haha :'' D

That's why games such as Journey (and the earlier game I feel is spiritually related, Way) and Stanley Parable are so amazing, too. Sometimes I'm just blown away by all the possibilities games present.

Extended Edition Details, Community Levels?, Progress Update

Which probably means about 100 character graphics total.

Dang that's a lot dude. Good luck D:

I'd like to add a suggestion for when you rework the tutorial intro. For the scene where the box falls into the grass, you should include instructions that the player is supposed to interact with the circle as it's flashing, not after. Personally the first time I saw that I thought I was just supposed to remember where the box fell, then investigate after exiting the timed scene.

I mention it because the friend I kept pushing to play this game said that he got stuck in that intro, not knowing what to do, then quit. It sucks that he stopped playing because of that, so it'd be great if you can fix it for future players )=

Painted Heart now released!

author=Yellow Magic
With regards to typos, I am not 100% sure about this but I think I saw the word "exercising" spelt incorrectly somewhere within the first half hour of the game. I could have been seeing things, however.

Yep yep, you're right! Thanks for catching that one, YM!

Apologies in advance for any typos further in the game... I'm sure we didn't catch them all haha jwj
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