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Dreaming Mary
The adventure through a girl's final dream.



Painted Heart Review

Hahaha thanks piano! XD Yeah, I mean, I don't regret the art direction, just that I didn't give the worldbuilding or storytelling the love it deserves :D The best thing about playing an RPG is exploring the world and discovering new things, and as Cash mentioned also, this game didn't get to that. It's just a matter of hindsight and time management choices XD But, I am super happy that the art came out well and people can enjoy the aesthetic! Whenever you get to your review, I look forward to reading your advice and critiques too :)

Also, it's super awesome that you're making a game for your sister as a Christmas present! Yeah, it's a short time frame to the 24th, but I'm sure she'll love it whenever you can send it to her. It really means so much that you're investing this time to craft something to make someone happy. :D

Painted Heart Review

Just saw the new posts on this one...
Which explains a lot of things about the other one...
But, anyway!

@Bulma, Kylaila's reviews are always a joy to read and amazingly helpful :) They make good points on everything, and there's absolutely no reason to suggest that the 2.5 rating is unfairly low. This game was rushed and unpolished - Trass, Chaude, and I made it in a month, and I wasted a lot of time on graphics that could have gone into story and game design, which is why it visually looks so great but falls short as a game. :) I appreciate being told about the things that didn't work out more than the praise for doing something ok, so that I know how to make a better game for the next time.

Also, it's good to keep in mind that each person has different standards, and that just because someone with low standards gives a bad game 5 stars doesn't mean that every other game 'better' than that one also deserves 5 stars. Otherwise, everything would get 5 stars. :P

Painted Heart Review

Every time I log back into RMN...

Housekeeping, love that razzy title!

Bulma, thanks for spending your time playing PH :) I appreciate the details you added in your update. It's helpful to know that the game direction in the bridge area wasn't clear enough - it shows that I struggle with giving the player enough information to figure out how to proceed, and that's a pretty deadly flaw for any game. I'll definitely work on learning how to better communicate solutions to the player! There are many flaws to this game, but I'm glad you could have a fun experience despite them. Trass came up with all of the battle mechanics, so I'm sure he'll be happy that you found them interesting.

As other people have mentioned, giving very high or very low ratings on a review without a lot of text to explain why can be seen as trying to skew the ratings. I don't think there's anyone who would start a review war over this game, but I would prefer if it weren't a possibility :( A lot of people will use 'no rating' when their review focuses on opinion, and later include their personal rating system in the text, so that's an option if you'd like to avoid some controversy.

I hope you'll also review the rest of the games that you've played and enjoyed :D It's always great if you can tell the developer about your observations such as the things that are good, the things that need some work, and any other stuff you've noticed that developer may not have noticed while making it. For example that the puzzles don't make sense, or that there are graphics mistakes... Like the one Libby mentioned that will forever haunt me for forgetting to fix... T_T

Painted Heart Review

Thank you for writing this review, Liberty! It's very clear and helpful.

Dreaming Mary Review

Thank you very much for your review, Addit!
I chuckled quite a few times hahaha XD

I agree, the technical parts of the game (and some of the dialogue) are pretty much the worst parts >__< You can see my inexperience with gamemaking there, lol. I've gotten a lot of good advice from people here so I'll try my best to improve.

The white room is intentional! I won't deny that laziness 'budget cuts' had a part in the decision, though...

In any case, thank you very much for taking the time to play the game and to write a review. I'm very honored!

Dreaming Mary Review

edit: I apologise Accha - I haven't actually played this game, and I mean no disrespect. I found Pentagram's review, and the discussion around it including your response, very thought-provoking.

Haha no worries, I didn't think you were throwing shade on me or anything XD
Good luck with your game as well, and it's good if this discussion helped you =D

Painted Heart Review

Aah, the restricted sidescrolling movement is a great point >_< I needed to go a lot further to make it really work.

Thanks for the review, Cash! It's really helpful! =D

Painted Heart Review

Thanks for the review, outcry! Especially for touching on the overall misses of the game-- it really helps guide us for the next time. =D

Painted Heart Review

Thank you for your review, Kylaila! As I've said before, I agree with the points you make on how the game is lacking XD

RPGs seem to be tougher challenges when it comes to game-making, so I will be sure to keep this, as well as other critical feedback, in mind for our next attempt.

Thanks again!

Perspective: Extended Edition Review

In terms of difficulty, this is probably the most tricky thing to work with. While I can maybe come up with ideas like "dead end" clues to screw with your deduction, it won't make it more difficult for roamers. So I definitely need to brainstorm ways to make it difficult to run into these clues if your just randomly going places... hmmm, and it's complicated to the point that I might need a scripter for this too!

Well, one interesting thing you did is
the hidden passageway
so if you can make areas that are like that and only revealed through the right clues, that's another step in the right direction. =D
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