what even are games anyway
Dreaming Mary
The adventure through a girl's final dream.



the intro to chapter 4 of hero's realm... D:

Well then, chapter 5 will be a doozy for ya!

Noooo will it really get worse than what happened to Laura-lee? ;-;

Kentona, you monster!

It's hard to be productive when browsing RMN, but I wasn't productive while away, either, so...

It's hard to be productive when playing mafia, too...

Now I know... once you start mafia, you can't go back...

Welcome back :D

Thanks unity!!! /o/

Hi accha! Come back and be unproductive with us!

Ohh I will Nova, I will.

Learn how!

Are there awards for articles? I feel like there should be awards for articles. The stock photography only makes it better.

I love this place. So many of you constantly motivate me and inspire me and warm my heart. Thanks :)

Pinch, Punch, First of the APRIL FOOLS MOTHERFUCKERS!

now I'll never know who's talking ):

Prepare yourself, RMN... The Battledome is opening it's gate tomorrow.

What is the Battledome?

Entering month 3 of almost zero gamemaking.

Hi five dude, and I hope you find a bolt of inspiration when you're ready for it. I'll be happy to see whatever you come up with next, whenever it is.

If you really do get low on ideas, though, you could always fall back on this:
We should create a version of this called It Loves where all the creatures are replaced by love-hearty candy floss creatures and pink dandelions. It'll be a smash hit! :D


I cosplayed for the first time yesterday... it was a lot of fun!

Yaaay! Very handsome slash, you make a great Ryuuko /o/

Anyone else doing NaNoWriMo?

how could you guys ;_;

JK it's fine, I can be inspired by the idea that nhubi has written a large book's worth of reviews O_O

I tried once. Got about 30k before I got distracted.
Maybe I'll give it another go some year, but I've got too much on my plate this time.
Good luck, though, accha. c:

Whoaa you got really far! Good work on that ;_;
Thanks for the cheer, I hope you can make it another year too!!

You are now trapped in the last TV show you watch, how doomed are you?

Nhubi sounds like she's ready for anything =O

Last thing I saw was a supernatural romance drama, so I'll be surrounded by beautiful people for 30 seconds until the Monster of the Week kills me.

Anyone else doing NaNoWriMo?

Trying to, but I've only written 500 bad words. I can't seem to write anything good lol. :(

Make an entire book of bad words, and have it read by Samuel L Jackson.
Goals \ o /

i've never participated o' that
prob should

It's fun to try!

Not this year, but I have before. 50K in a month is daunting but it can be done with some dedication.

Aww. Well, I'm sure you'll be writing 50k worth in reviews though *nudge nudge

Nah, although I've always kinda wanted to try! I haven't written stories in a long time, but I didn't set any time aside for it this year :P

Bahaha yep, you already have too many things to do XD
Maybe next year you can make plans for it! It seems pretty nice as motivation to get down the ideas floating in your head, at least.
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