what even are games anyway
Dreaming Mary
The adventure through a girl's final dream.



Anyone else doing NaNoWriMo?

Trying to, but I've only written 500 bad words. I can't seem to write anything good lol. :(

Make an entire book of bad words, and have it read by Samuel L Jackson.
Goals \ o /

i've never participated o' that
prob should

It's fun to try!

Not this year, but I have before. 50K in a month is daunting but it can be done with some dedication.

Aww. Well, I'm sure you'll be writing 50k worth in reviews though *nudge nudge

Nah, although I've always kinda wanted to try! I haven't written stories in a long time, but I didn't set any time aside for it this year :P

Bahaha yep, you already have too many things to do XD
Maybe next year you can make plans for it! It seems pretty nice as motivation to get down the ideas floating in your head, at least.

The Featured Game Thread

Next feature should be Flower Bubble Game!!!, as I'm sure you all love the pink.

I'm certainly glad she didn't make it out of spite. I wouldn't want the teal-haired woman with the eyes of a falcon to spend the entire game skinning her foes and wearing them. Actually, that would be awesome. Make a game out of spite, yuna.

Actually lol'd at this. Man, what a great image. I'd actually like to see that.

I cosplayed for the first time yesterday... it was a lot of fun!



I once cosplayed as Gabe Newell, and my friend went as Half-Life 3.

Wearing a fat suit isn't as fun as people think it is.

Cosplay game is too weak. You needed to earn that weight for real accuracy.

accha art, yay

Bahaha thank you~!
The spooky things are definitely fun to draw XD


Oooh I like her, you drew her face really well! Will she have a faceset and sprite as well so I can put her in my party? :''')

This is fun because there's actually no critique or advice to give LOL

But also, nice touch with those additional arms to make up 6 limbs.

SBgames mascot

I hope I'm not the only one who sees in place of the images in the first post, however

doesn't look too much better decorated, however

if this is what is is then that's f'ing terrifying, jesus

A Nivlacart of Art!

Super cool, yo!
Your characters have a great variety of dynamic poses. It's interesting how you have a sort of cartoon-inspired style matched with painting for coloring. Your long scenery painting is awesome, can totally see something like that as a game title!

I particularly like this piece, as it looks especially polished:

Also, I'm shocked and impressed by how many hole-puncher monsters you came up with, lol XD

accha art, yay

Yesterday I quickly painted up the protagonist from my game dressed up as Madoka for Halloween. Turned out nice, so I'm using it as an avatar now.

Nothing better than undefined, cloudy areas with dramatic lighting from the left side. I really need to spice things up, man...

The Featured Game Thread

Interestingly, all of the cool games being revived have pushed Pom off the front page for a while:

It Moves

Woohoo, 'grats on the feature!
I almost wish it were timed for October instead, to set the mood.
Either way this is great, here's to scaring the pants off of more people!