What Are Your Thoughts On "Offensive"

As someone who likes to use hard edge comedy in my games, I often butt heads with people over what is or isn't acceptable.

My view is that offense is taken, not given. If a joke (or anything else) offends you, that's your problem. Not everyone will feel the same way.

What really gets on my nerves, is that the same PC brigade types who claim to be so understanding and considerate of others, toss all that out the window as soon as you "trigger them".
Then they resort to the same logical fallacies as the people they claim to be against. If they don't just attack you outright.

Being dismissive of anything said to contest them, taking things out of context, and generally trying to brow beat anyone who disagrees with them into shutting up. Even resorting to threats and removing what people have said to silence them.

The question then becomes, is there EVER an acceptable line that shouldn't be crossed? At what point does it stop being action against truly negative stuff, and just become people playing "nanny state" based on their own, personal, reactions?
When should we see it as an insult because people think we can't make up our own minds about how we feel?

When does it become hypocritical to say that it's okay to use a topic in one way, for one reason, but not in another way for another reason?
At what point are people making arbitrary value judgements based on personal bias, rather than any actual logic or reason?
After all, people who do things like being against gay marriage are doing the same thing. Using their personal feelings to try and dictate thoughts and behavior.
Someone who says "you can't joke about that" is engaging in the exact same psychology. "I don't like, it, therefore it's wrong and you can't do it".

It's EASY to say things like, just don't be rude. Don't be a jerk. But what is rude, and what is being a jerk are subjective.
What one person finds rude, another wont. What one person thinks is being a jerk, another wont.

On top of all that, people have watered down words like sexism and racism to the point of near meaninglessness. They'll use them to shout down anything they don't like, or makes them uncomfortable.
An example.
There's a youtube series called Tamara's Never Seen, by a woman named Tamara who watches movies she's never seen. She watched Ghostbusters, the original.
And she called several things in the movie sexist... but all it really amounted to, was that it was things she didn't like, or was made uncomfortable by.
How can you really trust anyone using those words, when they get tossed around so freely and arbitrarily?

Where do you stand on this?
Where does the line get drawn?
At what point do we, as content creators, have to say that it isn't our job to protect everyone, and it's incredibly condescending to even try?

Since you gave me no other way to respond...
IE "Reason was: "But is there any kind of insulting hate speech - racism, sexism, etc? We've had this discussion before and if I find that kind of stuff is in there, I'll be removing the game."

1. No there isn't.
2. The other game had none of those things either, it had jokes. Which were always social satire aimed at people who get offended easily. Just because you didn't find it funny, or just didn't get it, doesn't mean I was actually trying to piss people off, or insult anyone. I sure as fuck wasn't engaging in any "hate speech" or those "isms" you so freely toss around.
For someone who has such a problem with people insulting each other, you've shown a remarkable lack of restraint in degrading and insulting me. Both personally, and intellectually.
"It's now very common to hear people say, 'I'm rather offended by that.' As if that gives them certain rights. It's actually nothing more... than a whine. 'I find that offensive.' It has no meaning; it has no purpose; it has no reason to be respected as a phrase. 'I am offended by that.' Well, so fucking what."
Stephen Fry
And if Stephen Fry ran the site that would be his prerogative, however we do and we hold the right to deny anything we think goes beyond the rules we have on hate speech. In this case, the discussions we've had in the past do not give me any reason to believe that you'd handle any subjects of the like in any way responsibly or capably, so I'm afraid no. In this case, this game will not be allowed on the site. There are many other sites out there that would allow that kind of game, but not this one. Sorry.

Wrong is wrong, and playing nanny state for the people who use this site, and are the reason it exists, just because YOU don't like something is WRONG. If it wasn't for the people who use this site, it wouldn't exist. And yet you treat them all like children who can't make decisions for themselves.

You BELIEVE. Beliefs aren't facts.
YOUR idea of responsibly. YOUR idea of capably. What makes you think YOU are capable or responsible? Other than your belief that it's true? Which means dick!

"1. Refrain from personal attacks
If you disagree with users, aim your rebuttals and comments at their ideas and points, and not the people themselves. In other words, don't be a dick. Name-calling, slander/libel, and other forms of personal attacks are off limits in our community. Retaliating in kind should be kept to personal forms of communication, if done at all."

You saying what I'm doing is hate speech is slander. Which you CANNOT back up, because it's based on nothing but your personal feelings. It's also extremely insulting.
Calling a joke hate speech just because YOU don't like it, is no different than someone telling gay people they can't get married just because they don't like it.

"7. Be courteous
Be polite and fair in your contributions to RMN, be they posts, games, reviews or the like. Refrain from posting image macros or other internet memes.
Keep in mind that by posting screenshots or blog entries, you'll inevitably push other people's contributions off the front page. Although this is unavoidable, it is common courtesy to put some extra effort into creating entries with actual content.
Accept criticism without lashing out. Keep in mind that feedback isn't a personal attack and people have the right to like/dislike any games or material they want.
Give criticism without making it an attack. Rationalize or justify your criticism, and deliver it with tact."

You have shown ZERO tact when dealing with me. You have not ONCE rationalized or justified your continued degrading remarks towards me or my work. Because you're never wrong. You never make mistakes. Your point of view is the only one that's right.
You made an assumption about my last game, which I gave you PROOF was entirely wrong. That there was not only context for the jokes I used, but a great deal of it. But you still insist on degrading me by calling it hate speech, based on NOTHING! It has to be true, just because YOU think it is.

You were never going to allow any game I ever submitted, because you've allowed yourself to become biased. You have no REASON to deny this game. You just WANT there to be something wrong with it.

And for the LAST FUCKING TIME there is NO hate speech in anything I've ever done. You just don't like it. So why don't you just admit this is entirely personal, and has nothing to do with the rules.

You are dismissing me, and everything I say, based on nothing but your own personal bias towards me. You don't care about the truth. You don't care about context. You made up your mind about me, and absolutely nothing I say or do will ever change it.
You're everything you claim to be against.
the state of being free within society from oppressive restrictions imposed by authority on one's way of life, behavior, or political views.
"compulsory retirement would interfere with individual liberty"
synonyms: independence, freedom, autonomy, sovereignty, self-government, self-rule, self-determination; More
the power or scope to act as one pleases.
"individuals should enjoy the liberty to pursue their own interests and preferences"
synonyms: freedom, independence, free rein, license, self-determination, free will, latitude
"personal liberty"

So go ahead and ban me again for standing up to you.
Go ahead and remove this post. Prove me right and show yourself for what you really are. An enemy to logic, reason, facts, free thought and LIBERTY!


I just had a game submission denied for being "deliberately offensive". Despite stating clearly that I don't find anything in my game offensive, nor is it intended to cause offense. It's a comedy game. They're jokes. When I put in the description that some might find it offensive, I was trying to think of all those precious snowflakes that might find it so.
I guess that's what I get for trying to be nice.

But this really isn't a rant to complain, I just want to know why I should have to play mind police for everyone, and can't/shouldn't use jokes or content in my games just because it MIGHT offend someone.

Why should any of us?

After all, once fair warning has been given, any reaction they have is self inflicted.
When did the act of policing become the job of the content creator, instead of the consumer?

[RMVX ACE] Addiction State

I'm wanting to create a state that a character gets added to them during one area, where they get addicted to something.
Nothing will appear to happen for about 3-5 minutes (game time), then they will get a message telling them they are craving another "dose". Then they essentially suffer from hp drain (poison) till they get one, which resets the timer.
They can get rid of it by using the standard Inn event, which includes complimentary rehab services.

I'm just not sure how I should set up the state/timer events.

Any help would be most appreciated.

MST3K Fans Unite to bring the show back!

Joel has a page up on kickstarter to get a new season of MST3k funded. They already have enough for 3 episodes, but if they raise enough they will make a full season of 12.
Even if you can't contribute funds, you can help the same way I am, by spreading the word! (And the link)

Hello From Acidhedz

Hmmm, not big on talking about myself. I prefer to let the things I make speak for me.

I'm 33. I grew up with the NES systems. At some point I got tired of playing games, listening to new music and reading new books because I wanted to do my own.
So now I write, make music and have started making games.

My first game was a comedy RPG called 'Jack to the FUTURE!'. Partially a fangame for a few youtubers, mostly a comedy RPG. Sort of like if Kubrick, Mel Brooks and Deadpool all got together to make an RPG and based it around youtube let's players.
The game works on several levels. At least 3 story wise, plus I made it with the idea that it would be played on youtube, so there are parts that work better and/or take on new meaning when played for an audience.
It has an original soundtrack, and quite a few cameos including famous stand up comics, famous chefs, and a few other youtube channels like Honest Video Game trailers (I wrote an honest trailer for the game that's inside it.) and Epic Rap Battles of History (them doing a rap battle as JackSepticEye and Markiplier).
Lots of jokes, meta humor, tons of references and plenty of silly things.

My second game is Kravenhurst Asylum. A horror/escape game. I can't really say much about it without giving things away. It's more of a creep you out and mess with your head game, than a jump scare and gross out game.

I'm currently working on a simple XMas game.
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