Zombie Survivor X

omg I love this game. multi endings & it have a great story. combat is fun too

Thanks so much :)

Zombie Survivor X

Uhm i meant this

Oh yeah. I drew those on.

Zombie Survivor X

Ok beat your game 4 times with 4 different characters,that keep playing is probably the same ending with that extra character or what,because i only played once with him and then decided to not play on on all the other characters.Also the zombie rats have some brown spots on them in your fixed version the previous one was normal green.
Otherwise it is a nice game the bonus shop owners stuff got some really good stuff to buy.Also found the secret scepter already in my first playtrough so i did not need to buy it.

Awesome. What do you mean they had brown spots on them?


Yeah. You can't get there again unfortunately.

Zombie Survivor X

Thanks for letting me know. I had to remove all the MP3s because the file was too big. I must have missed changing those ones. Im reuploading a fixed version.

Added an image of the bunker.

Zombie Survivor X

There's a radiation suit in a room in the bunker. I might record a walkthrough later this week :)

Zombie Survivor X

Subbed and downloading! :)
I look forward to trying it out!

hope you like it :)

Zombie Survivor X

Um, there's no download link.

It's there now :)

Death Wish - The RPG

well as insulted that the maker seemingly mocked some of my favorite things :((i love pink haired girls with guns or super human strength :( )
this still has a interesting feel to it
and reminds me of the rpg game based off of that famous shooting
Super Columbine Massacre(had to look it up)which as a game itself attempted to explain how the shooters felt during and b4 the attack
but when you reach the end of the school...dam the game sucks lol...
ranting aside ill give thoughts on thsi when ever i get around to playing it.

Someone made a game of the Columbine Massacre? that's messed up...

Zombie Survival

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