Project Pi

so osme kidn of trashh gonabreak my pcc and them i wont be able to paly games why everyhtign is codeed

Rance - The Brutal Legend

heloo why it isnt working idownaleded the enginee
downald the game and send error and dont send as usualll im usign 286 i hate people to take advantage of me


excusem e what engine is using that game

Death Wish

i still dont get it so a funny person emerges breaks oyur pc then they critisize oyur games wat engine is thechinese hosue ishall make it work


icloud not
findd the party stop sraming uuu

Chronicles: Fate of a Princess

iahve done update sfift isnt working so they made the gmae to fack me up thank oyu all oyur best wishees

Chronicles: Fate of a Princess

I've done an update:
- Reduced random encounter rate (increased EXP/Gold/Item drops to compensate)
- Reduced the size of some bigger enemy packs (increased EXP of effected enemies)
- Should now be clearer that you can't remove dead/disabled characters from your team (won't even let you move them)
- Removed multi-attack from the Orc enemy
- Nerfed the dragon monster a bit
- Added an Android version

-added shift to sue becouse mien doesnt works

Touhou - Wandering Souls

lelel my shift isnt working

War of Existence [Final version]

my shfit button on war of existance isnt working damn

Enelysion Redux

im blonde is this a mini pc worlf i play in how do i connect to my pc so iam a dragon explain me wahts hapening and wat are we
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