well i want see 99 + hardcore perfect save to keep me alive no game banners and game reporters they are all village bad people unworthy to leave so they report your private space since 40 years im stuck at 2018 we got 1 crappy 8 and santa is a jerk to john wizard same stuff happens each year need a hero editor :? what a waste .under law you go to prison santa i hate you disapointed same cursed spam over and over again (its not santa its now lucufer we call it nasty claus on fire
stop with internet magazines all i want are games if you wish edit your own text at games i need to level
hidden among the magazines n ogame stucks or i bought the game ought i got stuck and then some weird guy emerges to tell ya you are stuck and work for gold coins your oponent its extremlely hard look like somone borked your game rules by ruing your level by deleving you level but it looks like as if you havent done with the level so they push you to survival mode wtih less gold stuck and dieng all the time

glistering the jelly taths not good its bad thign too !!!