Very nice game, played it to the end. Thanks for the game it was a very touching ending and pretty great game overall.

Ara Fell

I've seen ara fell appeared on GOG the enhanched edition which is nice.
Is the engine still in rpg maker 2003?
Do i need 2gb ram if i am on win xp?
Since i only have like 1gb ram.
Also have an android tablet pc with 1gb ram. Or a even better adnroid phone.

Hell Gates 2

Hello there are still 3 npc that are speaking german instead of english in the game of chapter one. If there are more i kinda forgot

Hell Gates

Yes i still visit rpg-atelier.
Also the translation to english will take quite a while i presume. Would love to share it with some friends since many don't know german.
Also is there something wrong with this game page? I know it was supposed to be on the first page after posting a comment. But then i checked and it's only on the first place after a comment and then i can't find it anymore when it's not on first place going through several pages of full games list.
Might be a bug on the site.
Also the wiki of hell gates 1 has version 1.14 instead of 1.15 written?

Hell Gates

How many chapters does hell gates 2 have again? I did play the german version and found it a wonderfull game back in the day.

Lakria Legends

Yes the bestiary works fine. And also when i got a new party member like Leon some areas started to lag more after that.Even the beginning area which was workig clean before i think. So i don't really get this once it worked cleaner latter it didn't.
Asmos town is also a pretty bad offender with the lag.
But yeah it could be just my pc specs weird that it doesn't go over 50 cpu in the task manager even though both cores are activated for this game.

Lakria Legends

Don't know why but this game lags sometimes pretty baddly, especially
pyramid or mirage temple huge room with a few spikes and the trap survive for 30 seconds with 3 hearths had luck that i survived on first try with the lag. Or using shifting winds and the lag is horrible on the world map there.

Will there be any more huge areas like that?
I came to far to give up now, just hope there won't be any more lag areas that have some mini game in it.
Maybe it's just this pc fault only 1gb ram and win xp with amd athlon 64 x2 dual core processor 3800+ 2.01ghz. And some integrated nvidia chip 6150
Oh and i really enjoyed the game this far i got.

Theia - The Crimson Eclipse

Nice interesting looking game that got featured.
I will wait for fixes and play something else in the meantime.
Also are there differences between the italian version and english version?
I see the italian version has a higher version number. Does this mean it has more content in it?
Or is it identical to the english version.
And i really don't understand italian enough, so i will play the english version then when i will.

Hell Gates

PLayed through hell gates 1 now. I liked the game, though i found 2 problems one was in crystall palace when i went left where it was shaking and there were stone golems i went on and met a mini boss going up stairs which was a dark knight with red eyes i belive casted the first light spell and got some invalid parameter or something and the game crashed. Second in ice caverns i beated the boss there but went later back for the final chest i missed which was in a violet chest or something and i simply couldn't get back out since the way was blocked for going back or the teleporter i couldn't reach somehow with all options pushing the stone on ice which was just before the boss so maybe you could do something about this?
Final boss at level 45 i noticed i could only cast light once and the numbers for damage were shown but then it was greyed out i could still cast it but it didn't show if i did any damage.
Anyway i didn't get every weapon armor ring ingame, but i wonder one thing what was that mask protecting that armor where there were zombies that could teleport you away.Which was on the same area that could transport you to the final boss dungeon which was the armor that needed the mask,but that different armor didn't activate anything.
Anyway seen both ending not sure if the phase 3 under level 45 boss was working since i quickly got the ending without even needing to fight. I remember seing red lights in phase 3 but it just went to the end of game. I reached 88%
The game was pretty understandable with pictures.

Can you guys List of RPG Maker Games that you guys beat

It's actually the only list of games i have, since i didn't count any other real pc games
List (some are english most were german):
die reise ins all
vampires dawn1, 2
unterwegs ins dusterburg
feuer um mitternacht
verlorene seelen
ff:endless nova
grave spirit
knight blade
sunset over idmalh
desert nightmare
die bucher des lucifers 1, 2 is demo only i believe
dreamland 3
eternas legends
Dunkle Schatten
Charon dawn of hero
desert island
Die verlorene epoche
Kämpfer der Königreiche Final V 2.0.
Licht und Finsternis
der gelbe adler
echoes of the past
hybris rebirth gold
moonlight sun 2.0
Last scenario
Alter a.i.l.a genesis
Touhou wandering souls
Neverdream's Lost souls
Im Reich des Himmelsdrachen
Okurete sumimasen chapter 1, 2
Hell gates 2 valadurs erbe
Reconstruction zero i miss teh sunrise
gestranded rbg1.1
voice of destiny od philthefreak verzija 1.4
Lore of lorewyn
Zombie survivor x
tunguska tor der zeit
Demons Dream: New World
Oliel und das Flammenschwert1v3
devil or angel
don's adventure 3
love and war act1
alternate virus of ragnarök
sternenkind saga
monster world rpg by max team
pocket quest!
nocturne rebirth english
Hell gates 1