Hello there :) I am Ahmed from Pakistan. I am a first year college student & my hobbies are role playing games,watching Anime, reading Manga, fanfics etc, writing, drawing, singing, playing football & Bedminton.

My favorite game is Shining Force & its sequal Shing Force II, a turned-based strategy game. So you can say that my fav kind of games are turned-based role-playing games.



Misaos 2012

I am also voting for star stealing prince..seems like this will be the best game of this year!

RMN Closing Down April 2nd

I don't know if anyone knows me here but I LOVED THIS SITE why it had close down?I have been around here for an year now.I will feel lonely because when I had nothing to do I would come here & watch & download games(although rarely completed anyone LOL).Well I will miss it too much.
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