Hello there :) I am Ahmed from Pakistan. I am a first year college student & my hobbies are role playing games,watching Anime, reading Manga, fanfics etc, writing, drawing, singing, playing football & Bedminton.

My favorite game is Shining Force & its sequal Shing Force II, a turned-based strategy game. So you can say that my fav kind of games are turned-based role-playing games.



Pocket Mirror Review

This review makes the game seem like really bad. I found it good tbh. It had the atmosphere of a horror game and the graphics were beautiful. The only thing was that this game was too short.

Ill Will Review

Haha, so you too used Josephine, France and Will team and almost exactly the same as me: Great minds think alike :P

Great review btw

Super RMN Bros. 3 Review

Um is this a walkthrough.
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