Hello there :) I am Ahmed from Pakistan. I am a first year college student & my hobbies are role playing games,watching Anime, reading Manga, fanfics etc, writing, drawing, singing, playing football & Bedminton.

My favorite game is Shining Force & its sequal Shing Force II, a turned-based strategy game. So you can say that my fav kind of games are turned-based role-playing games.



Paper Knight's Story

This looks so cool.

Thats what I thought when I looked at it for the very first time.It reminds me of Paper Mario so I guess it is a love at first sight I guess,lol:D.Anyways,Keep it up:)




I honestly don't like title screen.Green on green just doesn't work for me although I like the font used in it.

Breath of Fire II: Hearts Aflame

Looks amazing.Remind me of the original one,totally subscribed:)

Bloody Rose

This game's title not to be confused with Blood Rose.

Lol,I also thought it was that one but anyways,this game has one of the most beautiful graphics I have seen so far.Good job on that:)

Lucidity: False

Loved it.Will you be making sequel of this game since the story left me wanting more out of it.5/5.

Super RMN Bros. 3 Review

Um is this a walkthrough.


Oh,I don't like the skills of the characters before playing the game.It ruins the excitement.


A slime as a main character<----Inspired by Laxius power?

~Memories Neverlasting~

(Whispers)Good luck on keeping this project a secret.Although I already know about it.