"It's hard to find the balance when you are in love.
You're lost in the middle cause you have to decide between mind & heart."

― Enigma



Verdene ala Mucha

Yeah. Though there are still some details I want to add to it, for now I just tweaked the colors a little.

Sorionne's Battle Pose

Hey. You know, just hanging in there. Cleaning up old art, trying to get the rust off. Check out Verdene's drawing too.

What are you thinking about right now?

You guys are hopeless. You aren't this quick to lock threads when people are throwing legit hate-laced remarks around.

It isn't hate speech if it's not hateful


I get what you're trying to say. I think that the responsibility to consume media responsibly, falls upon both creators and consumers equally. And in a perfect world it would suffice to properly label content and let people decide on their own. Sadly, we don't live in a perfect world, and most people want to either be told what to do, or hold control over others...

Obviously, there's a place for everything. You're not going to post porn in a kid-friendly website, for example. It would be pointless, if nothing else. But you'd think that a place ABOUT games, ABOUT creation, would have as few restrictions as possible. But apparently not. We live in a time in which people think words; mere compounds of letters; mere sounds coming from your larynx... equal hate. Because "reasons". So they're happy to stomp on that just to broadcast to the world how "good" they are.

Frankly, that's what gets me the most. How people here often moralizes the situation. Because sure, if you want to draw a line on the sand, you have every right to do so. Your toys, your rules, whatever. But you're still not the judge of what forms of expressions are more worthy than others; what forms of humor are funny or not; or who gets to enjoy them...

Funny how "play another game" does not work as well as "try another site" eh?

Wow, the official RPG Maker site forum rules are..... wow!

What are you thinking about right now?

Same here. Ragnarok was the only MMO that ever caught my fancy. I tried others, like WOW, FlyFF, etc. but the music and pixel-art of Ragnarok were just awesome. Like in most RPGs I played as a Thief/Assasin. The thing is, I've never been much of a competitive gamer, so I was pretty much dead weight for my friends, specially after they nerfed the daggers. Eventually I stopped playing. In my latter days you could find me playing alone in Labyrinth Forest next to my loyal pet smokie (RIP Bandido T_T).

What are you thinking about right now?

He rehashes too much.

True dat. But at the same time I'm kind of exited for the current arc. I think it is "different" enough. I mean, there's lots of theories about the origin of Black, or the role on Zamasu floating out there, and I find that discussion to be interesting all on its own. I mean, when something gets people talking, you know it's good (enough). And I'm curious about finding the truth. I think I'm hopeful Akira Toriyama is still able to surprise us hardcore fans, who probably know his creation better than he remembers it. xD

I don't know why we allow disgusting creepers and overall shitty people to have more than an hour to thrive on this board.

"One side threw the first punch, but things didn't kick up in earnest until the other side punched back" Talk about disingenuous.

Look, if you really want "shitty" behavior to stop, what you should be doing is trying to reach out to people, and be just as willing to listen and be open-minded as you expect it from them. But if what you want is to dish it instead then you should be able to take it.

This happens on the regular. Some of you have made it a habit to call everything under the sun "bad". But then lament the moment someone else drops a label you don't like. And on top of everything you still think you're one to talk about "tact" or whatever.

So something makes you feel "uncomfortable". New's flash, that true for everyone. I know several people who post less or have stopped altogether because of the atmosphere that has permeated this forum for the several years; myself included. The difference is that some of us try to deal with that in a way that does not require for the people we disagree with to be "no-platformed". Meditate on that.
And as for Max. The guy is not without issues, but "hate" is not one of them. For that you'll have to look in a mirror.

What are you thinking about right now?

Los acentos son una burrada, if you ask me. Also, Spanglish FTW!

I have been learning Spanish for awhile, but I'm not exactly fluent. I wanted to join a Spanish forum a while ago but I could never find a Spanish forum about making video games like RMN so I could improve.>.<

I used to go to these two back in the day. They're Ok places... Say alter ego sent you. I'm loved everywhere!

What are you thinking about right now?

So you're at Dracula's room and you still only have 99.8%? Your map seems complete, so it's probably not a room but a breakable wall that you're missing. Sometimes even the edges of platforms can be broken (I don't remember if CotM has those though), and you can't tell which ones you've gotten to from the map. So you'll have to go through the entire game again whipping every wall, ceiling, floor, platform in your way, until you find that which you're missing... Have fun! :D

Edit: TFW you don't realize there's a new page in the thread, and you still get the answer wrong. *commits forum seppuku*