More Redux Alpha

This is all really good to hear. Are you progressing closer to the end of the game, or just the end of the next chapter?

Castle Oblivion 2

Thank you so much. For some reason, they were missing audio and graphic files in the game. I replaced it with the older version I have. So no more crashes!!

Sorry for the inconvenience.

I remember way back when I started getting into RPG Maker (about 6 or 7 years ago) I almost gave up on this game b/c of the audio issues. Which sucked, because I remember really liking the first game and upset about the sequel.

Can't remember if the game was not encrypted, or I broke it myself, but I eventually decided to to play, save everywhere, and slowly fix any audio issues by downloading a track from VGMusic and replacing the broken audio every time I came across it. It was very daunting and probably extended what was typically a 15+ hour game into something closer to 25+ hours, but it was worth the hassle.

The two stories fit so well and the plot of the second was much deeper. I'm glad I took the time to fix all the issues, otherwise I would have missed out on a decent RM game.

The nostalgia is real, dawg! Can't wait to finish off the remake for this classic.

Do my ears (or eyes) deceive me? Can this mean the remake of CO2 is already in progress? My brother and I have been wanting to tackle the trilogy - considering we both loved the original 2 games - but wanted to only after part 2 was remade.


Honestly, with a bit of polish and shine, and maybe some more nightly things to do, I can easily see this as a game I'd purchase commercially if it was ever on Steam. Not sure if others feel the same, but it offers something different than the traditional rpg's you see on the various portals.

Rise Jesus Christ RPG

I can't tell if this is sacrilegious or not

I wouldn't say it's sacrilegious, but it boils down to your own conscience. I've only played the Baby Jesus part so far, and loved it, but there's definitely some inaccuracies and some questionable content - such as the wise men having abilities to use magic. But it is an rpg, after all, and it'd be quite boring otherwise.

Personally, I think the developer handled it as well as they could, and follows through fairly well, although I've scoured the scriptures for any references of the wise men having to battle against bandits, robbers, and ghosts... nope, not there that I can see. Take it with a grain of salt. It's focus may help to educate in a fun way and can may even help to serve as a sort of teaching method, but it's intent is mainly to find a fun way to portray a story from the bible without trying to offend anybody, and I think for that it comes through successfully.

I'd like to see the following trilogies:
1. Noah - building the ark, the flood, and maybe a side story of Nimrod's rise and fall.
2. Moses - come on, who doesn't want to see the plagues revisited or the parting of the sea?
3. David - I really just want to bash a Philistine with a slingshot. Not to mention his quarrel with Saul.


Demos, the curse of many good RPG Maker games. But still an outstanding demo at that, and one I think people can learn from.

The idea of using your town as a hub and having a sort of day / night cycle worked well, although I felt portions of the game were very limiting. For example, I wished there had been more to do at night, and maybe only 2 days cool down for dungeon re-entries. And maybe rather than talking to one person per night, you can talk to everybody, but the choices you make in the dialogue effect whether or not they get stat upgrades, and how much.

Overall, this was a fantastic rpg, and here's to hoping it'll get finished someday.

1.1 demo
i don't recommend demos. and my overall feelings for this are neutral.

Unfortunately, I have to agree with this (although perhaps for different reasons). Very seldom do I come across an excellent RPG Maker demo and get the see the game come to full completion. It pains me every time I play a game that is a demo, and then find out the game will never be finished (Necropolis, I'm looking at you!). So I generally steer away from demos for that reason.

Accelerated World

So just finished it, shorter than I thought it was going to be. That final area just felt anti-climatic after the first area, but I think overall it just felt a bit incomplete, or perhaps felt more like a prologue of something greater. There were "N/A's" on the teleport pads indicating possible other areas that never made it in.

Still, it was fun to play. Hopefully at some point we'll see a longer game out of this.

Accelerated World

Just played the hell out of this game for about an hour before finishing the first area, not because it was hard, but because I took so much time looking everywhere, exploring, trying out my skills.

Then I saw the game's time of completion is typically no more than 1 hour. Oh well, guess it means I'll be enjoying three times as long by the time I'm done. It's actually a nice change of pace to actually enjoy and look forward to combat. It's not a very difficult game, but I'm usually one that enjoys more casual rpg's anyways, and it's fairly well detailed for a game that's focused mainly on exploration and combat.

My only real gripe is that it is still short. I wish it could have follow up sequels. Good music, good mapping, minor nitpicks would be being able to walk over some areas that I shouldn't like water or holes, but overall, a pretty impressive scifi rpg.

Edit: Just read the post above me. Here's hoping it doesn't leave me hanging, but I'll play it through regardless.

What are the most simple battle systems that still work well?

I just finished playing Dragon Quest 2 on my Note 3. While still a tad bit heavy in encounters, it was pretty enjoyable. Very simple battle system, but a lot of fun, especially as I could take it wherever.

Sometimes the simpler things bring greater joy.

Blackmoon Prophecy Review

As an OLD rpg gamer(age 66) and an avid fan of FF games...

An off topic necropost that I felt still needs to be said. It's great to hear that older folks can enjoy video games as much as the younger generation. I'm in my 30's, having been involved with games all the way back to Atari 2600, and it's great to know that I won't become my dad (too much) when I get older.

None of my older relatives ever cared for video games and still imply I've yet to grow up whenever I talk about them (nevermind that I am full-time employeed, married, with two kids, a nice house, etc), apparently I'm immature for still playing video games.

Back on topic, my brother is in the process of moving in with me and my family, and I've introduced him to a lot of RM games, since he grew up with the same types as I did. I've yet to play this one, so I think it'll be fun to play it together with him so we can experience it at the same time.

Star Eater

So it's complete but no way to DL?