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Sweet, always looked at the Rating and Rating reversed, never looked far enough down to notice the Total Reviews / Reversed flag.

Does anyone Remember RpgRpgRevolution? (Remembering RRR)

Fudge sickles, double tapped the submit and got a double post.

Does anyone Remember RpgRpgRevolution? (Remembering RRR)

Jokes aside, I always thought RPGRPGRevolution was suppose to be a playful take on DDR? or DanceDanceRevolution? A game that was sort of still somewhat popular during the late 2000s. I won't lie, I thought the name was kind of kind of cool, even if it was a bit complicated to say out loud. Thanks for taking the time to reply amrek. I wish more peeps responded, it'd be cool to get a confirmation on what went down. (...I mean, we already have a thread, but it'd be cool to get a confirmation)

Ah, now that would make sense if that were the case.

Does anyone Remember RpgRpgRevolution? (Remembering RRR)

I should sell RMN to iEntry

Only if you hate RMN that much. :)

RRR and RMVX were my hangouts when I first got into RPG Maker with VX. Was first appointed as an official reviewer for RRR and then became a mod briefly before becoming Admin for awhile on VXAce. After that, well, my 15+ tenure with my at the time job fizzled as the company tanked, my parents passed away, and for a long while I lost any motivation for anything with RPG Maker other than playing games.

Now most of the old school communities are gone. RMW is good for offical replies, resources, and buying add-ons but misses out on some of the oldschool spirit.

I guess RMN is the last real site for that, and I think one of the reasons it's stood the test of time is because it caters to just about every aspect of game development, regardless of the tool, regardless if it's an original creation or fan game, regardless if it's commercial or free.

Still, I miss Kaz, Jonnie, and XMO from the glorious RRR days - never understood why they used RPG twice in their naming convention though (RPG RPG Revolution).

[Review Request]

Hi Liberty,

Sorry if this should be a separate topic. I've been away from RM for a few years and didn't think this possible suggestion warranted it's own topic, but what about another filter under games that lets a member check for any completed games that currently do not have a single review?

Just thought it would be a quicker means for a member who wants to find completed titles that have yet to be reviewed. There's the "Rating" filter RMN currently has, but that only helps so far, as it doesn't filter out the non-completed, demo, and hiatus game threads.

Anyways, just a thought. Thanks!

[RM2K] [RM2K3] RM2K/3 games with the most...

Hero's Realm is 20~25 hours to defeat, but you'd have to ask Oblic how long it took him to get to Level 99 for all characters

I spent well over 50+ hours in HR, but that's mostly because I'm slow and enjoyed exploring the game's world so much that I often had to force myself back to the main quest.

Star Stealing Prince

o shit i ain't dead

Neither am I. Restarted and played Star Stealing Prince all the way through again this year. Still an amazing game!

Lunar Wish: Orbs of Fate

well i've just completed the game and i'm overwhelmed by it
well it's mind blowing n it's heartbreaking that i discovered there is no part 2
but will there ever be a second part for this breath-taking game?

It's possible Lustermx either is still working on this sometimes or will do in future, but for now I wouldn't assume it'll continue based on his lack of online activity.

Ancient reply is an ancient reply but the lack of a conclusion to this game was about as sad as not getting the concluding sequel to A Blurred Line.

More Redux Alpha

This is all really good to hear. Are you progressing closer to the end of the game, or just the end of the next chapter?

Castle Oblivion 2

Thank you so much. For some reason, they were missing audio and graphic files in the game. I replaced it with the older version I have. So no more crashes!!

Sorry for the inconvenience.

I remember way back when I started getting into RPG Maker (about 6 or 7 years ago) I almost gave up on this game b/c of the audio issues. Which sucked, because I remember really liking the first game and upset about the sequel.

Can't remember if the game was not encrypted, or I broke it myself, but I eventually decided to to play, save everywhere, and slowly fix any audio issues by downloading a track from VGMusic and replacing the broken audio every time I came across it. It was very daunting and probably extended what was typically a 15+ hour game into something closer to 25+ hours, but it was worth the hassle.

The two stories fit so well and the plot of the second was much deeper. I'm glad I took the time to fix all the issues, otherwise I would have missed out on a decent RM game.

The nostalgia is real, dawg! Can't wait to finish off the remake for this classic.

Do my ears (or eyes) deceive me? Can this mean the remake of CO2 is already in progress? My brother and I have been wanting to tackle the trilogy - considering we both loved the original 2 games - but wanted to only after part 2 was remade.