Problems at your employment may arise if you talk loosely and spend excessive time with co-workers. Do not over complicate things. Concentrate on the current task finish it and move on. Emotions run extremely high early in the month. Sharing your true feelings with others is preferable at this time. Do not let things snowball.

Obligations at home may weigh heavily on your heart and mind. The solar eclipse on the 4th will bring to light your parental obligations. Having a heart to heart with that certain someone will clarify true feelings and open up the lines of communication to be who you really are around them. Show more authority. Your love life may seem more like a fairly tale than reality.

By the 23rd when Jupiter starts a new cycle and you will likely feel new changes in the area of your career, this will pave the way for a fresh new start. Perhaps it's a promotion, a new location or a whole new direction, this might be the opportunity you've been waiting for - but it may not appear that way in the beginning. Don't procrastinate too long because this could be the once in a lifetime situation.


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