i help people with warcraft 3 map development so people are welcome to pm me regarding warcraft 3 stuff.



Dragon Adventure

i suggest a pm to the uploader.

Luxaren Allure

it is a good game but it needs better balancing in terms of prices vs income. i never have enough money to buy the the best equipment in a new town no matter how much i grind. apart from that, i see no real issues.

Astoria: The Holders of Power Saga

how much does this cost? i can not buy it on steam by the way because i was banned for being attacked.

Final Fantasy: Legend of Balance

good game. only thing i found a bit bad was the early game mp. i ran out against the first boss. here is my suggestion: increase early mp while making growth a bit slower. that will solve that out of mp issue.

Blackmoon Prophecy

worst game ever. no way of getting past the first boss as he does more damage than the characters have hp. if you remove the impossible boss i will happily redownload it.

Super Mario RPG: The Starlite Worlds

i also got s broken link.

Final Fantasy VIII- The Sorceress War

this game have some sound issues where attack sounds stays active for a while after attacking. that should be fixed.

Kingdom Hearts: Another World

you should host it somewhere else where it is safe. i have now tested it and it is good. it is however possible to gameplay mechanics closer to the kingdom hearts series. you should convert the music to a better format and upload a high quality music version.(unless the midi files are not used at all in which case you could just remove them).

The Mysterious Wonderland of Alicia-chan

very alice in wonderland like. you should however try to warn people of deathtraps and perhaps add some way to attack the enemies.

The Legend of Zelda: Courage, Power, and Wisdom

i found a bug that cause link to constantly move to the left and he cant move right. i also found a font issue. you have to rebalance this thing because as it is the enemies are nearly too much at the beginning. i had to grind health, defense, offense and speed to upgrade 2 just to survive.
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