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trying to make my own though they aren't going
well. x.x i have three in the making



Soo i'm doing a game. A different one to help get more experience. You are always good at helping with maps though i feel like i have gotten a little better by just experimenting. Though I would still like honest opinions seeing as i am still a beginner.

Not sure about doors, the small ones look a little funny so should i go with the small ones?

Or the bigger ones??

Also is the room too cluttered, too small or too big

Spiffing up my map

Yooo I'm not that great at map making but I am trying is there any way I can spiff up this map to make it better/cooler less boxy and stuff

Keep in mind I'm not suuuper great with gimp im a newb at like everything the only thing I can to on gimp is like color haha. but I will try

Script help

Hey there I need some help with a script I was messing around trying to see if i could get rid of some things for a game I am trying to make and I need to get it back because I figured out a way to work with them but I am not sure how to get them back could someone help me please??

Where it says:
item= @data(index)
if item
rect = item_rect(index)
rect.witdt-= 4
draw_item_name(item, rect.x, rect.y, enable?(item))
draw_item_number(rect, item)

I think there is more to that and i would like what goes after that there's this:

The notes, key items, and memories.

Thank you ^^

Making a Game For the First Time

Hey there soo I am trying out making a game for the first time. I have played a bunch of horror and adventure games and I have downloaded an rpg maker to get me started on making my own. It's the basic one nothing too fancy does anyone have any tips or trick for me to help with me making process since this is my first time I am open to anything. <33 ^^ Help is very much appreciated.
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