I'm a very amateur game developer who likes to makes SNES era type RPGs with RPG Maker 2003. I also have a degree in the Games Art & Design College. I've also inherited a bit of programming skills from my dad and uncle.

I've been a big fan of RPGs since I played Final Fantasy 4 of SNES. Despite it's simplicity, it's what got me into RPG Maker. My first RPG Maker game would of had to been kentonia made by kentona. He is also the author of Heroes Realm, which I drew inspiration and ideas from for A Twist of Fate.

One of my favorite things to do while not using RM2K3 is playing Professor Layton!

I hope you can enjoy my games, because there would be no point in submitting them!
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A Twist of Fate

by anepicrtpmapper

The second moon has returned. Monsters are mutiplying by the second. And you left the stove on.

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