When The Bell Tolls

@Katie you can only jump on the platforms when they're raised to the top, they move up and down so you have to time it right.
I checked and they aren't moving! they're just floating in the air they don't move up and down like you said I clicked the light thing a lot of times and they are just there intact is this a glitch or what -_-
I have the same trouble. The platforms isnt moving, and i like to continue this game, i have planned to do a lets play about it but if cant end, i cant do. Hey dude , can you fix this issue. I really like this game.Please answer.

I love this game but I am suffering from a similar problem. :(

Pocket Mirror

I played this demo ,and SIMPLY LOVED IT,the gameplay so smooth , the music the sounds all are excellent and befitting.When will the game be completed? ,I am so waiting for it.

Final Fantasy VIII: Sleeping Lion Heart

really enjoyed the bring on the full release!!

Final Fantasy Discovery

Oh dang!! I was waiting for a reply like,it will be released this weekend or month,oh well! will still wait the long time though.Goodluck!

Final Fantasy Discovery

]when will the full game be up?

Exploring new Paradigms

loving the game

Tales of the Rhinemaidens

when will it be completed ,it really looks interesting.

Ravenwood Horror

stuck at the wine puzzle :(......


subbed ,now bring on the download :D

Gallon Challenge •u•

when will the download be up?