It works.. Thanks..
That's the last obstacle I guess..
I have finished it..
What a great game..and the ending is really unexpected..Balerus dead and then come an enemy from nowhere..that's the last boss..
Hope that Canvas project will soon completed..
I'll wait till then..
Thanks for help..


I never thought about Ice magic.

I have tried several combination based on the clue number in fade scroll. But I still could not found it anyway. What a shame for me because it's the last nayrin ruin that I can't solve.


Thanks for replied. It's really helped me.
And also in Nayrin ruin with twelve numbered buttons that used Fade Scroll, I was stuck in third door, don't know the combination. I have tried many but still could not opened it.

Btw how to defeat mimic, it seems effect magic not work.


This game really make me mad and also excited too. I don't know how to expressed it but really enjoyed the game.

Please tell me how to use guidebook from forgotten crypt, because there's no number in the button?
And the puzzle after slide puzzle, there's a several button and a plank show coloured cross.

Enex1: Legend of the Hero

How to remove stones at Shadow Forest at the entrance?
And there's a moonstone in cave,how to break it?

Final Fantasy Dreams

Although this game has many glitch and bug but still excited I guessed.Btw where is Lucca anyway and how to get there??. Is there any Chocobo again?

Forever's End

Really..I'm stuck in the first..When in jail you have to distract the guard..But how to do it anyway?..I search all over the room but I can't found that..


when I first play it there's no text at all. It just blank. How to fix it?



Why I can't play it?
I have already install RTP 2000. But when run there's a warning message "can not open file vehicle".
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