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Where and how do we get the Suikoden V save data and what benefits does it provide (compatible with this Suikoden VI game)?


okay, so..
i had missed the stairs that lead to the last piece of memories before
^ ^; but after i read the tablet (just the 2nd one because the another were illegible), i get a bad end because after that i straightly run to the cold world. Is there anything I have to do first before I jump into the cold world? Should I go to the purple pond/crypt? Then what I've to do there?

many many thanks Sagara-san :D You're really so kind
Wrong! The all the tablets are legable, it's just part of the puzzles!
To get to the good(secret end) you need to solve all three puzzles that the tablets describe! Start with the 3rd: go to the crypt, right of the save point(where you enter)in the third column, drop down to the bottom, thre is a hole, drop down it and watch the scene. 2nd: go to assylum, move the square rock under the broken stained glass, stand on rock, enter, watch scene, 1st: go to shrine, talk to right most sainth(if you didn't), go to ice tower, talk to the sainth(left of the one that mentioned about the 2nd artifact), go to asylum, after the save piont go take the left door, there are stairs on the left, check the grave at the top(the rest is obvious, but just in case, go to the place where the sainth in the shrine is and turn left and climb a few platforms and you'll see the door! :-), watch the scene.) Go back tothe cold world, go down and watch the secret (good) ending! :-)
i've tried...
and finally get the good end!!/hide]

sorry for troubling you... ^ ^;

You also have to examine world tree (press up and z one space to the left of save/teleport point to get the necessary item for the ending in case you weren't paying attention)

Iris Island


Iris Island

Well, it seems not completing the pirate ship quests is the main difference between ending A and B.edit: My theory is confirmed after getting ending B. If I had to guess how to complete ending C, it would likely involve completing all (or a lot of) quests, finding secrets, and/or getting all skill levels to 15 for special skills by the time you go into crystal cave and initiate the mount magma eruption scene in the cave dweller chief's room. Also when trade ship arrives you will be unable to go out on your little boat, fish for crabs, or work for Warsh for up to 10 g per chore.

Iris Island

Hello ^^
Would you write a walkthrough or a guide with hints about the quests?
I finished the game with the B ending.

Very funny. I liked the game a lot ;)

When you got ending B can you describe what happened up from you starting from following Frem towards the end of game? Did you have the pirate ship restored and full of crew (all 5 members)? Warning: If you sleep in a bed after finishing gathering the crew quest, the trade ship will leave losing your opportunity to get special items needed for stuff like crafting in attic. One member you may have missed:
Miner that you save in dark caves sitting by a campfire at miner camp.

Iris Island

There seems to be a bug where the shortcut exit in the miners camp (right of elevator) of lava sector doesn't exist (can enter from old well and exit from shortcut path) but not enter from camp)

edit: never mind, you have to pressing direction (like you are moving) when jumping with A key (except in minecart jump)

add: by the way what are the basic guidelines of getting each ending? And how do you save the old man trapped in the fire? edit2: never mind you push A and left to jump across table to save him in his house (Dolan's/information center)
I had got true ending A with 24 villagers saved, the pirate ship restored, Frem dead, and couldn't save the old man during fire escape. edit2: Now I saved him making 25 villagers saved (is 25 the max number of villagers to save?) Also on path on true ending you will be timed to escape the island, at 1 minute: you will get warning that island is becoming too hot to be habitable and at 30 seconds screen goes red hot and makes your movement very slow and 0 seconds is obviously game over.
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