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RMN v4.3 Bugs

It's completely random that I checked it today, but, it seems the link for Pic of the Moment is returning an error page? I'm pretty sure a similar issue was brought to this thread before, and also I'm pretty sure it was fixed at one point?

This appears to be a data issue. An image was deleted and the site doesn't really like that. I'll take a look to see if I can make it more robust.

Avatar not updating/removal?

Should be fixed. Might need some tweaks still, but it should at least save your avatar.

Maker Score not updating

this is now fixed.

RMN v4.3 Bugs


edit: seems to be fixed! I wonder what I broke by fixing that...

RMN v4.3 Bugs

Try now?

edit: nope

RMN v4.3 Bugs

Just happened to me while replying to mail. I'm not sure what the issue is but I'll take a look.

edit: aaaand it happened while writing this post. Seems to be a Chrome issue:

edit #2: seems to be related to our use of a reverse proxy (the django app runs in Apache but the site is proxied through nginx). Looks like the site I posted has a fix for django. I'll give that a try.

Has Anyone Used SRPG Studio?

Thanks for all the responses, everyone! :D

Right now I'm leaning on just passing up on SRPG Studio. I have like a dozen RPG Maker game ideas, and only 1, maybe 2, that would need SRPG Studio.

And while I'm willing to make all the graphical assets I need for a game from scratch if need-be, I'm worried I'll be spending hours trying to figure out how to get the game working how I want and maybe that time could be better spent elsewhere.

That price tag is still tempting though XD

I downloaded the demo the other day, and I would agree with everything that was said above. It seems suuuuuuuper complicated and not very intuitive at all. Even test playing the demo game that comes with it was pretty complicated.

You'd probably be better off learning Godot.

Kickstarter Has Launched!

Backed! Good luck!


Hmm, a total site migration only takes about 4 hours? Also yay for Anky making a backup. (learning a bit about data center stuff and hooboy, so much can go wrong you want backups of backups)

Also huzzah Anky!

Well, they are unhooking the servers and driving them to a new building and then hooking them back up again. It should only take about 20 minutes to drive the server to its new location but they give a really large window because they have to move a lot of servers so they can't really say when they will move our server.