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RMN will be down while our host moves the server to a new data center starting at 9PM EDT on Sunday, August 25th.

You can use this link, Timezone Converter, to figure out what time that is where you live.

They've allotted the time slot of 9PM - 1AM to move the server. I'm not sure when it will move exactly or how long it will be down, but I plan to take the site down before 9PM EDT on the 25th to make sure I have a back-up and everything shuts down as smoothly as it possibly can.

You could always join us on Discord during this time!


RMN will be down for server / operating system updates starting at 9AM CDT on Sunday, June 30th.

You can use this link, Timezone Converter, to figure out what time that is where you live.

I'd anticipate the site being down for about an hour or so.

You could always join us on Discord during this time!

Downtime - June, 9th 2018 @ 1PM EST!

I just got an email from our hosting company that they are moving our server to a new datacenter on Saturday, June 9th starting at 2PM Eastern. The move is scheduled to take 4 hours.

The email says it is a "reminder", but this is the first notice we received as far as I can tell.

Since the server will be powered off, there won't even be a "down" page. Maybe I should do something so this doesn't happen in the future...

I'm going to take the site down at 1PM EST to run a back-up, just in case...

[DONE] Scheduled Downtime - SUN, DEC 3rd @ 10AM CST

RMN will be down for a bit on Sunday, December 3rd starting at 10AM CST while I install updates and make some changes to our MySQL configuration.

The site shouldn't be down for more than an hour total.

You use Google to figure out what time 10AM CST is for you:

You can always join us on Discord while the site is down:

RMN and SSL (https)

Sometime in the next few weeks, I plan to start making RMN an https only site. Requests to will automatically be redirected to

When this change happens the site will not support SSLv2, SSLv3, or TLS versions below 1.2. SSLv2 is pretty old and hasn't been supported in browsers since the mid 90's. SSLv3 was disabled by default in many modern browsers after the POODLE attack.

You can learn whether or not your browser supports TLS v1.2 here:

We'll be getting our certificates from the Let's Encrypt project. These certs are pretty new, but should be trusted in all major modern browsers. You can visit this site: to see whether or not your browser trusts / supports Let's Encrypt certs. If you get a green lock (or whatever else your browser does) next to the URL in the address bar, then you are probably good to go.

If anyone has any issues with this change, please let me know!

[COMPLETE] RMN Server maint. 8/16/2015 @ 8AM CST

The server needs a few software updates so RMN will be up and down for a bit starting at 8AM Central Standard Time (1PM UTC/GMT) on Sunday, August 16th.

You can find out what time that is in your time zone using

I'll update this topic when the maintenance is complete.

[Done] The Great RMN Migration

RMN is moving!

We recently purchased a new server which actually turned out to be a bit more powerful than our current server (with a faster network connection) for less money!

On Saturday, March 21st at about 9:00 AM CDT (you can use to find out what time that is in your location!) I will freeze the current site and put up a splash page alerting visitors to the move. This will ensure that I have the latest copy of all game downloads, images, locker files, etc. as well as the latest copy of the site's database.

A few weeks ago I completed a move of all of the site's files and have been syncing the changes every few days so that I don't have to move 400GB of files Saturday morning.

After the move is complete I will do some testing to make sure everything is working as expected and then I will update the DNS. DNS changes can take up to 24 - 48 hours to move throughout the Internet, but if you are using a third party DNS server (like Google or OpenDNS) it will probably only be a few hours.

For most people, the site should only be down 4-5 hours, but it could take 24-48 hours before you are able to see the new site...

Feel free to visit us on IRC while the site is down, or use the downtime to work on your games!

Intermittent Downtime for DNS / IP Address updates

You may have noticed that RMN was down for quite a bit yesterday...this is because our hosting company recently decommissioned the IP addresses for our server and assigned us a new set of addresses.

We've worked with them to get our old IP addresses back up for a bit while we make the changes necessary to use our new IP addresses. While these changes are being made RMN might experience intermittent downtime.

I will try to keep this topic updated if anything changes.


[COMPLETE] Downtime, Saturday September 13th

The site will be down from 9AM - 11AM CDT this Saturday, September 13th.

There was some work that I wasn't able to complete the other weekend (mainly because it involved moving 22GB of locker files, screenshots and thumbnails). I'd like to complete that work this upcoming Saturday. There are also a bunch of new features that I have been working on the last few days which will get pushed to the site during this time. I'll try to list them all below.

From RMN 4.5 Feature Ideas Topic. These are all done (I think).

  • Mark images as private while uploading them to the locker instead of after or fix whatever is wrong with the current system
  • Uploading GIF files to game pages
  • Last updated timestamp for images
  • Make it so that when I delete a subscription or locker item it doesn't take me back to page one
  • Give users more control over posts in their own Gamepages (hiding posts)
  • Game makers should be able to hide or delete posts on their page
  • Sort your game page list by Rating
  • Add the formatting widget to the event page description box in event admin
  • show how a game is tagged on the game page (right now only genre is there)
  • Post comments on download pages
  • make it easier to view notices without actually going to the notice page (right from the user header)
  • It would be nice if in the game list summaries, the main developer(s) are shown for each game listed

Some things that weren't on the big list:

  • Saving / favoriting individual posts
  • Embed twitter timeline on gamepage
  • Viewing mail from the header
  • Added the markitup preview feature to edit bar (live preview)
  • Added the preview button to utility/plugin submissions
  • Draft option for game blogs
  • Search & filtering user posts on profile page (by post parent type)
  • Resources list on user profile page
  • Topics list on user profile page

Things that could potentially be worked on this week:

  • Hide ignored users from Post History and Notices
  • More control over the latest post section (block ignored users, etc.) the next few weeks:

Integrating jQuery file upload into the site.

[COMPLETE] Downtime, Saturday August 30th @ 9AM CDT

I will be taking the site down for about an hour this Saturday at around 9AM CDT (5PM GMT) to adjust the way we push updates to the site's codebase and to update Django to the latest security release for our version.

You can use to figure out what time this is in your timezone.

So, work on your games for an hour this Saturday!
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