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*COMPLETE* Downtime Sunday, July 28th 9AM - 10AM CDT

The site will be down for an hour or so this Sunday around 9:00AM CDT (2:00PM GMT) in order to upgrade Django to version 1.3.7 and make a few other changes. It shouldn't actually be down for the whole hour, more than likely it will be up and down during the hour timeframe. I'll update this topic when I'm done. You can go here: if you are unsure what time that is in your time zone.

RMN v4.5 (and beyond) Feature Idea List

It's about that time when Kenton and I might ramp up work on development of RMN.

What does the community want to see in the next updates to RMN?

(FYI, not interested in any in-fighting about how other user's ideas are stupid.)

EDIT: The big long list of features

RMN 4.5 Feature Ideas (Updated 7/16/2013)

  • Indexed Images - the ability to tag and group images
  • Kenton's ideas
  • Upgrade the site to Python 3.x and Django 1.5.x
  • Post History option to only show topics you've participated in
  • More detailed stats for game profiles (downloads per day, views per day, etc)
  • A way to specify which version of a game a review was for
  • The ability to follow other RMN members (subscribe to members?)
  • RMN Game Score/Playerscore (API for in-game achievements and such)
  • Custom tagging for games/images/media
  • Forum/Comment Searching
  • Rate a game without writing a review/some sort of Like/Recommendation system
  • Multiple color themes
  • Adding a spoiler tag option for game images
  • Mark images as private while uploading them to the locker instead of after or fix whatever is wrong with the current system (I don't see anything wrong, works fine for me)
  • Uploading GIF files to game pages (done)
  • Last updated timestamp for images
  • Hide ignored users from Post History and Notices
  • Ability to see where a game page was shared to (Would have to look into how AddThis works, I'm not sure if this is possible)
  • Ability to have both Reviews and Media submitted for an event (possibly other combinations as well)
  • Make it so that when I delete a subscription or locker item it doesn't take me back to page one
  • The ability to pass the position of Lead Developer to someone else
  • Give users more control over posts in their own Gamepages (hiding posts)
  • Sort your game page list by A-Z, Z-A, Rating, subscriptions, etc
  • Progress bar for uploads
  • Send automated messages to users who have not updated their games in a while suggesting that they visit RMN and update their game
  • An option to download games right from the games list
  • Add the formatting widget to the event page description box in event admin
  • Favorite topics (you can subscribe to topics now, maybe just a favorites list so you don't get the notices?)
  • Custom shortcut links bar in the user header
  • Options for customizing game pages without knowing CSS
  • "Games like this" panel on a game's page, showing a list of other games with similar tags
  • show how a game is tagged on the game page (right now only genre is there)
  • allow users (players) to tag games
  • easier searching of tags
  • 'X people found this useful' system for scripts, resources, articles/tutorials, and reviews?
  • Post comments on download pages
  • Allow developers of commercial games to have a "buy now" button on their page
  • make it easier to view notices without actually going to the notice page (right from the user header)
  • Work on improving the current site code to make it run better
  • buzzing concept applied to forum topics
  • It would be nice if in the game list summaries, the main developer(s) are shown for each game listed
  • More control over the latest post section (block ignored users, etc.)
  • An "Action RPG" tag in the Filter Options of the Games page
  • Game makers should be able to hide or delete posts on their page
  • Polls in blogs and other areas besides the forums

Your RMVX/ACE/XP? game interacting with RMN

So, several years ago I believe WIP was toying with the idea of having a game achievement system similar to the achievement systems on consoles (XBOX Live, PSN, etc). Essentially we would work to produce an RGSS script (or set of scripts?) that would allow your game to send information to RMN.

If your game could communicate with RMN using Ruby/RGSS, would you use such a feature? If so, what would you use it for?

Keep in mind that this is totally theoretical for now...

RMN Dropbox integration testing

The Dropbox integration I recently added to the site was approved by Dropbox the other day and before I opened it up to the whole site I wanted to get a few people to test it.

In its current form, the Dropbox integration allows you to give RMN permission to link to your Dropbox account and send games to it. This only works for games hosted on-site (the ones where you can see a file size next to the download). I will also be adding the ability to send files from your Dropbox to the site (for game downloads). Hopefully this will help those with slow or bad Internet connections.

Reply to this post if you would be interested in helping me test this. I'll probably take ~10 users.

Forum Topic subscriptions

So, I've been working on subscriptions for forums topics and I had a few questions about how you would like it to be implemented.

What I have so far:
  • When you create a topic, you are automatically subscribed
  • When you post in a topic, you are automatically subscribed
  • You never receive notices for posts that you make

There will, of course, be settings for turning these things off. What I wanted to know is:

  • Do you want these to be on by default, or do you want to have to turn them on?
  • Do you want to be able to control whether or not you subscribe to a topic when you are creating it?
  • Do you want to be able to subscribe to topics without posting in them?

RMN v4.3 Bugs

Decided to make a new topic since there was a lot of stuff added /changed.

Please post any bugs you find in this topic so that we can fix them! Please do not create separate topics for bugs!

Also, remember to clear your browser cache / temporary Internet files or do a hard refresh (ctrl + f5, right-click + reload/refresh) before posting about bugs with the layout.

RMN4 is here!

RMN4 is here! You may have noticed that we made some design changes to the site. If the site looks odd to you (lack of backgrounds/formatting/styling) you will need to do a hard refresh of the site (right click and select reload/refresh) or delete your temporary Internet files / cache.

Please be sure to give us some feedback and let us know about bugs!

RMN4 Feedback
RMN4 Bugs

Also, you can view *most* of the changes here:

RMN4 incoming

RMNv4 Feedback

Please post any feedback you have for the new site layout/features in this topic. We 100% welcome constructive criticism but will not tolerate trolling/nonsense. Please do not make separate topics for your feedback.

RMN bugs (v4)

Please post any bugs you find in RMN4 in this topic so that we can fix them! Please do not create separate topics for bugs!

Who do I complain to?

If you have a complaint about the site or our policies; please do not post a forum topic to voice your complaint. The best way to get your complaint heard is to either PM one of the staff members (they have the different color usernames) or send an e-mail to