Hello, my name is Ann Elizaga,
I am just a addicted game player
who loves to play games.



Rebuilding my game

I'm getting some help from another small developer who been using the software for
awhile and its really been helping me. I will try with the best of my knowledge and the knowledge of others to make the game great.

The Red Curse

@pikasprey I have taken away the forced interaction with all the stuff
and going to work hard making the game much better.


i'm going to make a whole let's play of this game.

Dark Sketch

I wanted to be able to play the game. I guess no download link. :(

Long Gone Days

I will play this game soon and do a game play of it.

War of Existence

I'll play the game and make a whole game play of it. I play a lot of RPG games or any kind of games on my free time. I hope you make more games in the future. This game looks pretty good.


I'm at the puzzle where you guess if the number is greater or less than. I don't get it no matter what I do. What is the best way to figure this out?

Maria Maria

I know you guys. I'm sorry for the terrible game.
I shouldn't have put it up on here. I probably
will work on it more and make it better.


I have made this title screen myself @frogge.


I would play this once it comes out! :)
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