Making Games and Language Barriers

So yea, everyone knows that speaking another language can be a big barrier when you want to understand/be understood by another person. When it comes to books there may be translations that help convey the intended message in some way, or in comic books where there is also a lot of visual language involved.

When it comes to you guys, have you experienced something like that in life or in your games? How would you guys make a game, suposing that you couldn't make it in your native language and you wanted to convey your message to others?

I believe I should reintroduce myself.

Hello guys, my name is anyon175 and I'm a brazilian RPGMaker fan since... Well, a bunch of years.

I joined RMN way back in 2013 in believe, but I wasn't that much active at that time. But once in a while I always checked it out for news in the community.
I came back to see if I can make some cool games and do whatever I can to contribute to the community.

My skills are mostly programming, networking (in the computer network sense) and a little bit of cybersecurity. I'm most familiar with the old RPGMaker engines (RM95, RM2k, RM2k3), Unity and Renpy.
Most of the rpgmaker games I played were from old the RPGMaker communities, like A Blurred Line, Legion Saga, Ara Fell, Kindred Saga, Demon Legacy, Three the Hard Way, and other famous titles like these.

My most recent game, if you can call it that, is a game called Dual-Wielded, where I (try to) use 2 game engines at the same time to tell a story while you play in the other window... I think that's basically it.

TL;DR, my name's anyon175, nice to meet you guys. :)

Hey,whats up.

Hi all,im anyon,im new here and i really like rpgs.Sadly,im not that good with rpgmaker,but i do like to play games made by other people.If you need my help,count me in.
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