I'm a casual gamer and I have always had a passion for creating stuff. Wheter its drawing, making games, creating stories or designing new ideas in my head. I always have and always will enjoy creating.



We're very close.

No problem... Maybe I can help make it more enjoyable, or not.
It seems like a pretty solid game already, but another angle on seeing things can bring fresh ideas to the table. :)

We're very close.

If needed, I can test for you after June 5th...
That is, if you need a tester and you think my work qualifies.
(Mainly my critiques can be found on RMNB3 event page around the first 14 pages or so.
And some later on Hali's levels.)

However for the sake of my sanity I won't be writing as large texts this time around (I'm really confident)
,since I seem to take my sweet ass time on most of my levels, that I critiqued.
F.E. At 1 point I spent 3.5 hours making critiques and checking about a set of three or four levels levels thuroughly. (on SRMNB3)

Anyways...Choise is yours. I'm willing to do it, how bout' you?

(Sorry for any possible misspells, lot of crazy words for a finn to spell.)
ALSO I'M FREE (obviously)
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