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Super RMN Bros. 3

Name suggestions for alternate Super RMN bros. All-Stars:
Super RMN Gems Collection
Super RMN Bros. Revamped!
Super RMN Bros. Compilation
Super RMN Bros. Link_2112 Edition
Super RMN Trilogy Revisited
Super RMN Bros. Supreme Collection.
Just to name a few.

Super RMN Bros. 3

I heard that a simple rule on difficulty goes:
"If you think the difficulty is just right, it's most likely way too hard."

Super Doki Doki World

No, I even tried a couple of other RMN games, all of them worked fine.

The only other problem I have had with SMBX games is an error that crashes the game for me occasionally, however I deciphered that this is caused by an npc speed value.
(basically any npc speed value can't be in between 0 or 1.(so 0 and 1 is fine but something like 0,3 crashes the game when entering a level with the NPC)

I'll try to redownload soon, but my brother has something in the background that he wants to continue, so I'll do it at another time.
Edit: I shall attempt re-download, now. Oh, and congrats on the promotion Deckiller! (I did not see the important page change :D )
Edit 2:Aha, it was my arch nemesis Error 13: Type mismatch. For some reason, since one of the 0.XX values were on the game folder instead of a level folder, which causes the error,it didn't know how to act so I guess SMBX just spawned me in limbo... it works fine now, and I also deleted, every other 0.XX value from the level folders too.
Off to play SDDW!

Super Doki Doki World

Umm... My SMBX is on crack, I guess and it doesn't like your game. (See pic above)
This happened immediately after selecting the character and save slot, it threw the loading screen for a half a second and then spawned me in that very lower right corner where Mario is now. I waited a couple minutes, but nothing happened.

Trying to Quit to the main menu will result in an error message. "file already open" (All other programs were closed)
Mario is on the lower right corner and spazzing out like no-ones business.
Any help?
Here's my foder setup: (in case that helps)
program files > SMBX > worlds > Super Doki Doki World > (game files)
If you can help that would be fantastic, thanks in advance!

Oh and you can't move from that corner, turning around will warp you a tad to the right so that Mario is only barely visible. And by spazzing out I mean flashing rapidly as if someone put a warp in and out on the same spot resulting in an infinite loop.

Super RMN Bros. 3

I'm starting to see why my levels failed, they were too long and gimmicky with secret stars... Which is something that I was actually trying to do (the gimmicks) however it tended to backfire and my only levels that didn't have much gimmicks were rated a B/C and A+. Tells something about what people prefer.

Super RMN Bros. 3

Did you cut even a single level hali? Besides mine, that is. (lol I will forever more be known as the only one who had their level cut from RMN3)

After you get out there is a door that requires every single star on the game, this will lead to the cut levels bin, where your level is too. No names are given for the makers of these levels.

Oh, and no I didn't get all stars. I cheated and looked in the editor what was in there to make sure would it be worth the hunt.

Super RMN Bros. 3

I thought it was okay...

I don't know how the people at Talking Time got around this, but everyone who contributed to their games was free to design levels however they liked, just like we were.

Maybe TT guys have just a similar train of thought or nobody ventured out of the simple mario themes: grass,desert,snow,lava etc.
While we let all of our creativity making all sorts of levels: factories,mountains,smash brothers,metroid,megaman,lava lairs,temples,dungeons,rivers,lakes,ponds,space levels and all that sort of stuff.
I haven't played TTbros. so I don't really know, but I guess that could be a reason.
Also, maybe they went for more simple levels? While we had more complicated stuff that had to be fixed, tweak, modify and all-around just tinker with to make work somewhat.
I don't know, maybe we need to dial back and create levels that are atleast losely placed on one of the mario themes...

Super RMN Bros. 3

I remember that world 9 had a couple of stars I'm stuck with.
Also I only remember one level I got so frustrated at that I actually sweared at the game. (It didn't help)
And that level was labyrinth by someone I can't remember.
I don't know why, maybe because it was trial and error, but damn I hated it.

World 8 had my mushroom factory, if I recall correctly...
Which is really really really easy if you can get a blue shoe with you. Since the level doesn't really restrict you. However I know it's hard and it had some problems with the end, but hopefully nothing too big.

Super RMN Bros. 3

I encountered this problem too, but whit a diffrent probably
For some reason ring #2 seemed to disappear, but not count the ring. I flew over it a couple of times to make sure I get all of them. Also, I think I got it by collecting the highest one. I could be mistaken though.

ALSO you can fly back to the start if you mess up on the island part andglide to the middle idland from the red blocks if you muck up. Just be carefull.

Super RMN Bros. 3

Haha, YES! got through the locked version of the game. I'm free!
IDK, if I'm gonna collect all the stars, but I might if I get bored.
But for now, I'm happy with getting Mario out of that dark blue pit.
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