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Super RMN Bros. 3

I'm not sure...
I could be down for some more SMBX goodness, but after SRMNB3 I need to catch up with my school work.
After that I can consider your offer again.

Super RMN Bros. 3

- the ghost house theme is still used in the last few sections.

I could've sworn I changed them, dumb me I quess.

- is it possible to make the jump to the 1-up at the top of the fourth section? I swear you can’t get enough momentum for it.

Yes it is, It's pretty picky though, I'll make it more easily accessable, considering there's a phanto near it.

- is anything about the secret hard path even remotely possible? It seems excruciatingly tough for what you get out of it.

Hah, yeah!
I must admit that it is EXTREMELY HARDCORE! I kinda want it to be really challenging. I thought of this as a good shortcut if someone skilled enough goes through it! I can probably post a crappy video how to do it.

- what’s with the stop watch near the end? I see no way to reach it.

This at least WAS a way to notify you that this is for the speedrun, and the only way to access it is by completing the speedrun...
Too subtle?

Otherones are really my fault and I should've known better.

Numerous insults for dummies gettin' stuck

Yeah thanks, I got trapped in all 3... then again I was poking around on purpose.

Super RMN Bros. 3

So hali! Get ready!
Again to save space on the page they are compressed with HIDE!

Halibabica's levels!

Crimson Slipper:
Crimson indeed
As far as variety we have sections that goes: up, down and left
Good mood

If your on foot, the jumps are way too tight considering an eroor leads to instant death.
You can get stuck without a chance of dying (although you must be as stupid as me.)

My thoughts:
I hated this level...
I'm sorry, I just didn't like this.
I got frustrated on the descent because of the excessive lava pits and the poor visibility.
Often when I go explore I'm put in MORE danger than normally...
Yeah I know risk & reward: but, often times this danger comes from me jumping down, not quite making it to safety,
and finally stepping my toe into lava.
The jumps, mainly in descend again, are way too tight, even with peaches floating ability, these spots are really hard.
And as mario it's almost impossible. (without the shoe)
Also 1st section doesn't have a roof which helps a bit if you don't have the shoe and the platform already went on it's way.
Though no-one in that situation is going to be like:
My ride! oh well I'll just allow it to go and stay here and explore this 1 screen.
Oh look maybe I can walk on the ceiling...
I can go on top YAY saved. (escpecially since I believe you need to be Peach in order to even survive that way either.
So, gettin' stuck...
This is rather stupid, but should be considered anyway.
I took (in section 3 btw) one of your spring boards...
Used it to make the last jump to the 3up (since I thought that jump was retarded and didn't want to waste my time)
well it worked great, until I had to come down...
Since the spring now blocked my way down I was stuck.
This level is cruel, but not unremediable.
Some places need more visibility, some a bit more room and some places where you could get stuck should have an alternative way out.
Roof doesn't count

Update really didn't change most of my "complaints"

So that was harsh, but I believe your next level is better... Up next!


State: No complaints

My thoughts:
After 3 times playing through the tutorial tryig to find something, my eyes popped.
There's nothing wrong with this level.

Picky Picky:
State: No complaints

My thoughts:
Still a fun level.
Probably one of the bests in the collab.

Nothing has changed so significantly that it affects my feeling.

Skyward Sword:

Fun little Link level
Boss fight is interesting and sort of funny.
The 2 rooms you have to go first to unlock this place was pretty neat.

The turning into a (sorry if I'm mistaken) Navi was a neat idea, but the section you have to go through is brutal.
The ghost room from the 2 rooms at the beginning was wayy too short and easy compared to the other.
You can get stuck if you're still stupid.

My thoughts:
A good level, Some small problems came with my knowledge with Zelda.
I actually had to go to Zeldawiki to find out that 1 name, even then I'm not sure if there are multiple, are they all called Navi etc.
Nothing big.
As for the level, the main focus of this is Link's abilities, showed with multiple spring pushing sections, upwards strikes and downwards thrusts.
I really enjoyed the boos, good job there!
The ghost room like I said was too short and easy compared to the other.
I'd suggest a bit of balancing between these two.
Also the wrecking ball thing...
I know where they are coming...
The problem is that SMBX does not load them until they have a part of their sprite onscreen.
This causes some really out of nowhere attacks from these spinning BALLS of doom.
(heh, balls...(very mature :D))
You can get stuck at the end by going down to the spike area.
F.E: cuz of hidden treasure hunts!
You CAN die, but it kinda stings after all that you die b'cuz you went explore.
Such a rough penalty for such a small mistake.
Otherwise, I enjoyed it, lots of places were fun to traverse through!

The 1st CON. A.K.A - Navi Section.
Is now alot more tolerable with the addition of HEALTH items.
Now, you can get up to the platform where WART is first...
Before this wasn't a problem since the platform disappeared after. I think.
NOW you can just slash 1st form.
jump and downthrust 2nd.
and slash 3rd!
There is no challenge anymore.
TRUE you have to get hit once but regardless.

Chainsaw Massacre:

State: No complaints

My thoughts:
A really good gimmick level.
You have to make sure you keep your lives up so you won't die.
It's also clearly divided into 4 routes, so you don't have to go through them all.
IF I had to suggest SOMETHING.
It would be some sort of sign when all enemies in one of these routes have been killed.
This way you can see where you missed some.
But then again the level is small enough, so you don't absolutely need it.

No changes to my thoughts!

|PHASE 1 end|

|PHASE 2 start|

Lakitu Bros.:
State:No complaints

My thoughts:
Another really good level.
I was actually a bit disappointed that you changed the ice/fire flower thing.
But, leaves work too.

Fairy Boy:
Really good looking
Seems hardish...

Too bad I didn't have to really even try.

My thoughts:
This level is pretty good.
However some routes are clearly easier than others.
You can go through very high on the 2nd section JUST by hugging the left side wall.
Only the homing goombas can hit you.
In the first part, as long as you hold up in the vines. Even if you get hit you have a 99% chance of
hitting the vine next to you and allowing for a second hit to protect from damage.
It's easy or hard, depending on what the player feels like.

Luigi's Mansion:
No clash
Atmosphere is kinda good
Some original ideas

Oh GOD! I hate that damn invisible coin block bridge. Thankfully it's rather short, but still AARGH!
It's also not at all clear that the switches to get the secret star are in the same room
Even though it has some puzzle elements, the level doesn't require you to do any except the end.

My thoughts:
I was hoping that I could praise this level, but I'm not ready yet.
I can't stand invisible coin bridges... I just can't...
But regardless of my preferences.
The main issue I have is that the secret star is so hidden within a secret...
I had no idea that I should've jumped randomly (I know the rule here) in the air and hit those blocks.
(By rule I mean the levels own rule where the blocks are hidden so yeah it's not random)
I thought that the switches were hidden somewhere and that I need to come back once I get all switches collected.
Also the mansion itself doesn't have really any puzzle elements.
The outdoors have... Isn't that now the other way around.
Shouldn't ghost houses have empty outdoors and puzzle heavy indoors.

Mr. L:
Music, it's epic
Level design, it's epic
Everything, it's epic

When (brainfreeze) those ball spitting guys balls hit the wall the balls change back from custom balls to regular balls...
Too many Balls! (A.K.A. projectiles (possibly intentional))
You can get stuck... Again you have to be stupid and you can kill yourself.

My thoughts:
Really good, I enjoyed it
Boss was a rather painful asswipe, but the level was good.
So, I really don't have much to say for this.
Oh right CON explanation
If you try to do what I did. That is try to change the positions of the two weapons.
YOU will get stuck, however it's really stupid to do so.
AND you can kill yourself.
Overall: I think Mr.L. Said it best: L-ater

SO I think that's all!
AND I think I covered the most reason entries.
Phew that was an ordeal, not just to play, but to try and analyze them.
If you have question, just ask I check this place pretty much daily!
EDIT:Got rid of a couple color problems...

Also, I think you noticed, but just makin' sure.
I have updated my level. If you (or someone else) can test it again, please go ahead!

Super RMN Bros. 3

So, I got Some of your (halibabica) levels reviewed however some are still missing.
I'll continue more so later. Either tomorrow mornin/evening.
Only about 3 left!

However I really need to get my school/evening chores done.
I can't leave all of those in the morning.

Super RMN Bros. 3

Updated and ready for another go!
My Locker - Media - Hammer_Hideout.zip

Hopefully THAT one is much better, I believe 1 nitpick is still left standing, but changing that would pretty much mean changing the level almost intirely...
And I'm not going to modify my level THAT much.
I'll start halibabica's levels testing...
However (AGAIN) I wont be notifying music probably at all.
Since, I test all of my levels with sound mute and Dream Theater, Metallica or something like that on the BG
TODAY: Machine Head

Super RMN Bros. 3

I'll try to get my updates out today AND review hali's levels
Payback time!

Probably not...

ALSO I still can't access my computor.
My brother is very cunning indeed...
And lazy, stupid, retarded etc.etc.

My main priority though at this point is fixing that damn error.
I have a backup plan, but I'll try to fix it regularily first.

Super RMN Bros. 3

I believe you siad it took about 2 days...
I'll probably get an update out tonight, hopefully I'll get most of the problems out.
Damn smbx and it's lousy coding, making me have to fix the engines problems.

Super RMN Bros. 3

If it happened recently, I'm pretty sure hali already has your levels.
If you are going to update then I believe you should pm hali, and a link to the lockerfiles.

Don't worry I'm sure hali has everything under control.

Also I suggest getting a better mouse, I did that couple days ago and life has been easier.

Super RMN Bros. 3

what are mystic ropes?

My apologizes I should've elaborated.
I meant those bits of the two way rope bridges that act as conveyor belts of some sort. It looks really odd in the level...
But, if you don't think so I won't mind, It is just my opinions...

Final weeks are upon thee!
or sumthin! Ye olde speech is also not in my list of favourite vocabularies.

Super RMN Bros. 3

nin8halo's levels!

Now due to the fact that this post is a work of 3 hours...
I seperated them into Levels and hidded each one of them so just press SHOW
to see my review of each level.

Shell Game:

Good idea
Some good decorating
Fairly lenghty

Variety is missing
Players who aren't god at timing (unlike me) can get fooled.
Tedious returns...

My thoughts:
Very good idea for starters.
The sections worked out well enough, getting longer as you progress, pretty standard.
Now, Even though I like the concept there could be more variety.
Something small could be added even something as simple as puzzles!
Yeah, players who can't do a perfectly timed jump off of a goomba that is spawning can get
trapped in the pit at the end of section 3.
True there's a hole in the ground where you can commit suicide, but with just a ladder you
could fix this.
Also, when you lose a shell near the end of the level, you have to travel back to the beginning and grab another.
I'm guessing this was your intention in the first place, but since by the time I lose the shell, inbetween me and the shell is NOTHING.
I'm just running back, grabbing a new shell, running back towards the goal and then finishing the level.
Simply add generators or create warps to the generators so we don't have to backtrack.
Or do nothing that works too...
DEBUGGER: 2 stars
I used the editor and I only see 1... Either you have to have some hint towards the secret star or the debugger is lying.

Coffee and Donuts (#1):

Hilarious concept
Pretty challenging
Fairly lenghted

Deceptfully cheap enemy placements
Times when really solid ground would've worked best

My thoughts:

That aside it has some of the most infurieting enemy placement so far.
Not that it's horrible or anything it's just enraging, and other words that describe anger.
Some times things are totally unexcpected, such as the wall of twist buns...
What? (I'm not good at English food names)
There should be a donut that won't fall of when stood on, since there are times when you can even completely get stuck due to first having to avoid:
8 bullet bills (yeah I'm not gonna even try)
a goomba thing that is coming down a stair formation
and be careful not to use up all your floor tiles.
So, enemy placement:
It's mainly bad when it comes to parts with bullet bills, donut bills or whatever
It's bad enough with the floor and bullet bills but then you have to avoid flying things and walking things and coffee...
"Thankgod this level is over" is the feeling I have when I got through this.
It leaves a sour aftertaste, but for a while it feels great to finish such a hard level.

Coffee and Donuts (#2):

Literally everything else except...


My thoughts:
Goddamit, I thought this would've been perfect, but section 3 really cranks up the dial in the cheap enemy placement.
I died 4 times due to one of those twist buns come and block the way I was going to go,
either forcing me to ram into it so I won't fall into the coffee or forcing me to back down making me get killed by something else!
The real ass kicker in this is that the rest of this level is REEEEALLLY good, and fun to play.
Also, some times I die from going too fast with an donut following up behind, but blocking the path I'm just going to enter forcing me to take a hit or I would get killed by the coffee.
Ugh, that said 10 times better than #1.
Fun boss, section variety is good.
Overall it's:
Section 3!!!

Fortress Aflame:

Starting up...
(Don't worry I'll fix it for myself...)

Open and rather easy...
Great amount of secondary paths and stuff.
Not too hard
Boss fight was cool

Pretty easy for a level that looks intimidating

My thoughts:
Overall really good, your extra paths and whatnot are really fun to get while doing the level, only part where I feel the need to complain
is at the bridge that is made of blocks with 1 space in between each of them.
This seems unnaturally cruel since trying to stop in this bridge without landing in one of the holes is damn near impossible.
Well atleast for me.
I also like that even though you take the lever, bowser doesn't fall in right away.
Overall: great!

Frosty Tower:

Holy Crap! a scrolling level!
Decent in difficulty
Not too hectic, just enough.

Some jumps seem too high if your not using an enemy to jump off of.
the last jumps are murder

My thoughts:
Even though I took my sweet ass time, the 1st time playing I got it to the end... alomst
I died at the 2nd last jump.
I was pissed
But then I tried again and got through!
All was well
Some jumps though were really frustrating since you need the enemies to get up there. And due to my reckless playing habits,
I just slammed most of them dead before I could realise that oh wait...
"This is not a killing game, it's a MARIO GAME!"

Ruins of Muda:

Intricate Design

You can get killed with the falling blocks. Ground tiles

My thoughts:
Not too many problems here, as you can quess I hate Underwater based levels.
And a level where over half of it is underwater is no exception.
It is a fun little level though.
The 1 real problem here is mainly SMBX's fault, and by mainly I mean all of it, since when you step on those floor tiles that
fall if your hugging a wall while its falling, you will be teleported inside said wall and crushed.
All hail SMBX!
The level's biggest design problem...
It's underwater...mostly!

Satellite of Love:

Odd name choice... but okay!


Mystic Ropes in mid air?

My thoughts:
Yeah, what's with those ropes, they look so out of place and they arent even attached to anything...
Otherwise really good, fun idea.
Just a warning for other players though...
Without firepower this level is really cruel.
Also in both of the lower... Theres no other way to say it... balls
You should just immediately drop down from the left since thats where the switch is at.
Seriously what's up with the name.
This place has less love than in my home.
And I have none!

Woodcutter Castle:

Large, nice and fairly fun Area
Lots of places

No BG objects
Leaf totally F***s this level in the ass

My thoughts:
Good design, but I believe excecution isn't quite there yet.
1st of all: NO BG objects: This clearly struck out since there is 1 type of wooden block and the backdrop.
That's it in terms of level's looks.
Sure HB's got a makeover.
But the level man
Also the leaf problem...
Now the 1st part is open enough for a run to get up to the ladder that is fairly early in the level.
However the bigger problems come with guys like me who search for opprtunities.
And I found two.
HERE they are:

In a spot with a red koopa and a saw after the elevator DOWN...
Dispose the koopa and shell...
Wait for the saw to reach it's start point
Use a running start hop over the saw run and lift off
Now, gently use the jump to steer your self while holding right on top of the lift that you should take to advance...
Quickly jump off after you see sparkles and lift off to the other side straight to the checckpoint.

Also, you can completely skip the few last moments of the level with simple flights.
Below the 1-up and Saw brother there is a ledge with a flying goomba
Dispose of it.
Run through that ledge and rise to the platform above with the SB.
After continue right and get the load done, when the edge is visible lift off and completely skip the last ascend.

Now these might not sound so bad because well it needs some clever thinking, but then again this is RMN we are in...
I think people will realise an opportunity when they see 1.

That was a mouthful...
Took about 3 hours...
I'm not kidding, I'm serious started: 2:30pm, ended: 5:45pm
See you later! I'm gonna go rest and do something with my life...

...2 hide commands don't quite work... Oh well...