I'm a casual gamer and I have always had a passion for creating stuff. Wheter its drawing, making games, creating stories or designing new ideas in my head. I always have and always will enjoy creating.



Super RMN World

Odd. I only knew that it crashes if a power-up placed from the NPC file touches the lava. I also know the game doesn't like if a moving event goes too much off bounds. Such as with my moving ship level from SRMNB3 the wall was placed about 100 blocks before the game would crash.

Super RMN World

Use Paint.NET. I dunno if it works for Windows 8. But it works for Vista and it's been great a help to a non-spriter like myself.

I use it too. It works well enough and is free. I made a couple of things with it for an SMBX game idea I've been brewing up for a while now...

Super RMN World

Question: let’s say you have an area where lava slowly rises up from the floor (you have to outrun it). You’ve coded that part but you don’t want the event to trigger until after you enter the area (because it’s not the first area). How would one go about doing that?

The way I did it in feel the heat was having a spring in the immediate ficinity of the entry pipe and toogle the event to start when the spring gets activated, as in when you see the spring for the first time. Activate command is similar for MOST npcs in game... I think. At least it worked for me. This is also a pretty good way since it can be done pretty much anytime. It doesn't take a lot to place a spring or something near a pipe.

I know it can be rough to change something in your level, sometimes a big part or a thing you really liked, but in the end it's for the better. After all no one here wants another Goomba Cave...
That reminds me I have to make Goomba Caves 2. Twice as big, twice as many red coins... (I'm joking... Don't kick me off the project)

Super RMN World

I updated some things on my level, Some bullet bills gone. No roto-disc, took the lava fall from one pipe to another out. SMW bullet bills (hopefully, I didn't have time to test). And couple of placement differences.

Super RMN World

I'm going to update my level to fit the format, when I get an update on it. Should be out today...

Super RMN World

Feel the Heat:
-I like the idea of this level a lot!
-Everything is executed well, including the rising and falling of the lava!

- This level is EXTREMELY 2P UNfriendly!
- Not one bonus room or secret 1-up shroom =(

I do realize it's unfriendly, but I believe I did make it possible in 2 players... re-spawning rafts alt routes and such... It's far from easy, but I have to say it's quite hard to accommodate for 2 players when, no-one is willing to play with me.
There is a secret 1-up shroom and a couple of hidden Power-up blocks, no bonus room though. Though I do believe there could be more secrets too...
I'd like to know on the difficulty. Did it feel like a world 6...ish level?
I could always add more bullet bills :)

Super RMN World

apa649_6/8_Feel The Heat...
I believe since it doesn't have any custom graphics I can keep it "Feel the Heat"?
Oh and I have no idea what would be classified as what difficulty, but I'm pretty confident this could be rather late-game, maybe...


That would be some A+ home design right there. Stairs made of bullets (preferably not fired out of a cannon or a gun)

Castles- Masterpiece Set

I got something made, I changed minor things here and there and most importantly the boss room got a bit of alteration, mainly the bridge. It shouldn't be much harder, but now you only have one choice in killing the boss, which works well enough. (two if you consider breaking the blocks and... breaking the blocks different)

Castles- Masterpiece Set

I'm sure Isrieri said "consider it accepted"
But it's orange! with a capital O apparently...

only Orange one
And that's not quite what he said although, it's getting there

@Apa: No rush on your end. Take your time to make your level as good as you can. Just post a comment and tell me when you've got the update ready.

I think I also got an idea for the bridge, though it's not what I originally wanted, it works well enough.