I'm a casual gamer and I have always had a passion for creating stuff. Wheter its drawing, making games, creating stories or designing new ideas in my head. I always have and always will enjoy creating.




I'm so clever...
Did you get out unharmed? It seems that those enemies are just going to pwn you as your getting out.

Super RMN Bros. 3

What is that missing level yet to be included?
It can't be mine the chances are too low, 6/120 or more bluntly 1/20.
That's actually a pretty decent ratio. It's 1 of mine isn't it?
Anyways, can't wait for the finished version. JUst have to delete most speed modifiers myself before playing.

Super RMN Bros. 3

Great! I just got cured from my cold and what better way to celebrate than playing SMBX.

I knew it.

I shall make my own language where Guess shall be spelled quess.
Sorry about that, I should know better, even though English isn't my native language.

Thqt's okqy. I once knew q guy who used q's insteqd of q's. He wqs kindq weird.

~ hqlibqbicq
I hqte you.

Super RMN Bros. 3

How's it looking hali? Any chance to push it through before the end of the weekend?
Also, I am quessing the SMB2 door on the left with TOAD blocks preventing entry is your level Picky Picky. Am I correct?

Super RMN Bros. 3

Yes, I believe so too.
I thought that came out pretty decent.

Super RMN Bros. 3

I can't remember what your levels were like.
However always remember: Quantity over quality...
Wait, was it the other way around?

Damn school and real life. Hate it.
I'm waiting for the finished product and such. Luckily I got most of my annoyances cleared. With flying colors because my colors are genetically improved.

I can't remember did I perfect all my levels...
I'm going to assume I did cause I'm a perfectionist. If possible always getting things done to the last detail.

Super RMN Bros. 3

Actually respriting some of them diffrent, would make them atleast a tad more interresting. Maybe even just recolor them!

Super RMN Bros. 3

If it helps... I didn't put any bosses in mine, not even boom-boom.
I'm anxious to see what will come out of this.

Super RMN Bros. 3

What? Impossible!
I can't believe you just said being original doesn't make it automaticly good.
I mean my level hammer hideout I tried to make it so purple that everyone would be distracted about the fact that the level is actually really ratarded.
And goomba caves was my attempt to make a level so repetitive, that the player would forget any other level exists...
I'm just kidding, or am I?

Ancient noob?
Spam level? You mean that brilliant level with random (geniusly placed) corner blocks everywhere.

Super RMN Bros. 3

There's no game breaking bugs here, those should indeed be fixed!

I didn't mean it as any sort of elaborate remark or anything. (what's a remark?)
I merely was trying to get some sort of humor out and also to notify that there are more sever things to worry about AND that hali isn't a powerhungry monstrotity.
And by me I meant me! Not you or anyone else.

Sorry if my post conpuzzled you!