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Remove ghost notification

Is there a way to remove ghost notification? I had it in my mailbox notification for a while.

Thanks in advance!

Reuploading image with the same name

I'm trying to reupload an image to my locker because the size was too big. It was reuploaded and the size refers to the smaller one, but the image doesn't seem to get any smaller. I also tried to delete and reupload the image but it doesn't seem to work. Any tips?

Can't open site

Actually, this has been happening since months ago, but i just noticed recently that i can open this site with vpn. I can't open the site at all with my home wifi so i have been opening this site whenever i'm not using it. Did my ip got banned somehow? I'm just curious why and would like to have some clarification or something.

Review submission

I'm not sure where to put this, so i'm sorry if i post it in the wrong place.

I just checked that my review submission got denied. I'm not mad about it or anything, it's just that.. i can't seem to know why it got denied. I'll be more than happily to edit it to fulfill the requirements if i know the reason (that's the reason i make reviews in the first place), but since there are none, i'm kinda confused as what to do next. Is it that bad that it doesn't need any further edit?

Thanks in advance! :)

EDIT: i pm ed Soli about it and now it has been ressolved. thanks, everyone!
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