Wrapping up Chapter 1 and Talking about Communication!

I think you definitely need to include the tags if you're going with % based modifiers. Those aren't common in RPGs, and aren't clear just from a glance. It'd be nice to be able to tell which equipment give what stats without having to test them all individually.

The tags do look pretty bulky though... Is it possible to display them in a smaller font?

First Taste of the OST!!

As great as the title theme is, I am a bit concerned about mixing tracks from different composers; it's usually very obvious when people do that, and can be jarring if the styles clash. It's not impossible to take that into account, though, and I'm sure your composer knows what he's doing.

Chapter 1 Progress and Companion Talk

Aha, Trill's allegiance is revealed! I like your idea of making every one of Ayer's party members have a unique twist on the battle mechanics, it sounds like it'll really cement the "Devil May Cry" tone you said you were going for -- superpowered weirdos who have to fight other superpowered weirdos.

And more ways to facilitate item-based strategies are always good.

Let’s Get to Know You, Rotting Jack O’Lantern!

A high-level Rotting Jack O’Lantern can use it’s weird ethereal body to completely negate physical attacks.


It's cool to see a caster-type! Most of the forms seem pretty physical-oriented so far.


Ressurflection’s core theming draws from our inevitability of fearing death, and that at some point or another, we all must accept it

Oh, those are fighting words, my friend. I'll definitely have to give this a look when it's finished.

(If this theme interests you, you might like I Miss the Sunrise.)

Prologue Updated with LOTS of Changes!

Amalie's line about women and age has been replaced to be more appropriate for her and the setting

Thank you for this! I'm sorry if it came across as nitpicky, but it's nice to see you're willing to listen to even minor thoughts like this.

Mia's Lightning Draw can no longer inflict Critical hits

Oh no, now I can't defeat all the prologue enemies effortlessly!

The Unbroken passive now (...) cuts EXP gain by 90%

As an Undertale player, I find this amusing.


Excellent! I was definitely feeling the need for this at some points in the demo.


I think the pure text format is fine, given it's Jimmy's imagination (and I do like me some prose), but I do feel there's something awkward about the way it's currently handled. Maybe if the screen was totally whited out so we could focus more on Jimmy's thoughts? But maybe that would look too weird and empty.

Progress and the Future

If you played the prologue, you'll recall Amalie has no magical abilities for herself, so this was given to her to keep consistent with the story and world.

:D :D :D

The fact that you're putting more effort into gameplay/story integration than about half the commercial industry alone means you deserve every cent you'll make from this. Good luck!

Fleuret Blanc.

Doesn't free Fraps only allow short clips, though? I'm also not sure how well it picks up sound. Plus my current main computer is a piece of crap that chokes and dies just trying to play RM games normally... but maybe one day! I really do love this game and I'd love to be able to share it with people. If nothing else, it'd be nice to have videos of every scene on record somewhere on the internet -- that's something I take for granted with a lot of video games, I think.