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Echoes of Aetheria

I played through the whole demo and was surprised at how much I enjoyed it. It's amazing what a good battle system can do for a game.

I have a couple of complaints though (which may just be me being incredibly nitpicky, but hey): First off I HATE the menus. Not the battle menus, but the main menus and window screens for the dialog. It's supposed to be an embossed stone as far as I can tell but the character portraits overlay the embossed parts instead of staying on the flat areas and it absolutely drives the graphic designer in my crazy! It's also not fun to navigate the menus because they're all just.... grey. Nothing else. Everytime I opened it I was just like eughhh, which is a really terrible thing to have happen when the rest of the game is solid. I just felt like the whole game would have leveled up a lot in terms of presentation had the windows/menus had a better design to them.

As for the second thing, I think this is a bug but in the demo once you finally get to the world map and it talks about the "homebase," I could not for the life of me manage to open the homebase at all. I couldn't click it, couldn't navigate to it and select it; no matter what I did it was just a totally unclickable/selectable graphic. It was annoying because I could select the next mission but it would keep telling me "Hey you haven't visited your home base yet! Are you sure you want to proceed?" And I'm like "I CAN'T go to the homebase! QAQ". I hope that's not an issue in the full version. Either case I just wanted to let you know about it.

Anyhoo, it's a great game so far, and I'm adding it to my steam wishlist to buy a bit later (once I finish a couple of other games I'm playing through)! Looking forward to more from you! :D


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