I need the General Opinion here..

Since magic orbs have been done before, and class orbs haven't (though I guess the class system in general has) I would try to make class orbs work. I like the idea a lot and think it's much more interesting than the standard magic orbs.

One simple solution to the MDP (mage death party :P) would be to only allow one orb to be in use at a time. So 1 mage, 1 warrior, 1 priest, and 1 druid.

Another solution might be that since each character would have stats already a little skewed towards certain classes (the strong sword guy does better as a warrior than as a mage) a full party of mages might not work so well because the musclier guys would run out of MP quicker and not hit as hard with their spells.

Also, you could allow the orbs to dictate the type of equipment allowed to be used at any time. Warrior Orb grants the ability to equip swords, axes, spears, shields, and heavy armor, for example.

What other RM games have inspired your projects?

I must say one of my original and strongest inspirations was The Frozen World. I never realized how simple yet incredibly fun a custom battle system could be. Using tiles was a great way to cross the hurdle of creating an entire menu interface to control the customized system.

Also, it's a great game in general! :D

slashphoenix: that sounds awesome.

What are you working on now?

Nice work there, ashriot. I always enjoy seeing people make the RTP cool again.

Thanks :)

Rhyme: oooooh. Sounds interesting!

catmitts: wow, that looks crazy... and a little frightening!

Well-defined DBS or primitive CBS?

Ok Soli, I'm convinced.

DBS is not bad, and it's hard to be topped in terms of complexity and variety. But it's just too overused. Come on, it's the BS from Final Fantasy, I've been playing it for over 15 years. Forgive me if I like some novelty. Of course I don't like the attitude of "should I make a shitty CBS instead of using the DBS?" If someone can think of a decent CBS, he can't make the DBS work decently as well. But if you're intelligent enough to make an interesting DBS, and you're flirting with the idea of making a CBS, why not? Even if it's not technically as good as the DBS, the novelyy aspect will generate interest.

I pretty much agree with this.

Also, I'm starting to wonder if the actual question is a little lopsided. It's specifically stating that the DBS is very well made and that the CBS isn't particularly well made. Given those two exact choices, I'd probably rather play neither unless the storyline was interesting enough to warrant suffering through the bad gameplay.

Well-defined DBS or primitive CBS?

rpgmaker battles are filler. it doesn't even matter.
That applies to nearly every RPG, though. Not just RPGM games.

A counter-example for me would be Final Fantasy XIII. Most battles in that game were an absolute blast and really opened my eyes to RPG battling in general. They don't HAVE to be junky filler content. Why not take the core thing that a player does in many RPGs (battle) and make it a ton of fun?

Well-defined DBS or primitive CBS?

Use the default battle system unless you are supremely confident that you know what you are doing.

But what would YOU prefer if you had the choice?

Edit: Something I wanted to mention: The biggest reason I prefer a custom battle system is that I, personally, use RPG maker as a tool to build my own game--I don't use it to make an RPG maker game. (I know, I should just learn C++ or something... but anyway) My biggest excitement in making a game is designing the gameplay. If I use the DBS, there are tons of limits imposed by it. Yeah you can tweak it quite a bit, but you can't fundamentally change the mechanics.

Well-defined DBS or primitive CBS?

DO NOT make a CBS that does the same things the DBS does. That is incredibly stupid and a waste of time. Only make a CBS if you are trying to break the rules of the DBS.

I completely agree here. Though I must say, I prefer a CBS. I pretty much despise the DBS. I'll deal with it if a game is worthwhile, but literally every moment of battling is boring. Tweaks and changes can make the experience less boring, but it's still boring.

This isn't always true, but I just feel like breaking free of the standard system is a fun feeling. Also, like mentioned above, M.A.G.E. is super awesome :3 Oh, and I absolutely loved the Frozen World's battle system.

The other end of the spectrum is the bad CBS's. I've turned off more than one game the moment I got into a battle and realized how awful it was or that it was a sluggish version of the regular battle system.

Gameplay is the only thing that matters

It just depends on the style. Diablo II could be argued that it's just a click-fest. Even though there is a story, I can guarantee that the people who have been playing it for years don't read the story anymore. They're just there for the gameplay. (Though the multiplayer makes it more fun.)

I can still go back and play single-player D2 and have a good time. Usually, good gameplay is what really holds your interest and is what will bring you back to a game.

An example is Xenosaga had a great storyline, but the gameplay wasn't good enough to warrant another playthrough just to 'play.'

So action games, dungeon crawlers, sports games, etc work well as a pure gameplay experience while most RPGs work well as story-driven games (but still do need good gameplay.) I agree overall that good gameplay is important. I love the Paper Mario series even though the stories aren't the most complicated or amazing, but the simple RPG gameplay is just a lot of fun :D

What are you working on now?

@SorceressKyrsty, I do love me some side quests! And secret characters? Hell yah! Optional stuff is great because it gives you the feeling that you can make more out of something you're enjoying rather than just playing it till it ends.

@Rhyme, what are Death Skills? O.o like an instant death move?

What are you working on now?

That does look pretty awesome :o You have now tempted me to post my battle system >_<

You should! Also, your avatar is amazing.