Gameplay is the only thing that matters

No one wants a battle simulator.
Many people like Battle Simulators.

Sorry, I meant like an RPG with nothing but battles... not an actual battle simulation program. Imagine a Final Fantasy that was purely dungeons and battling with no storyline. Just like 35 dungeons and the game ended.

What are you working on now?

Creating a tester's zone, allowing for easy teleportation and cheating :P (while similtaneously working on the world's most awesome battle system :o)

But... that can't be possible; I don't even know you! *I'm* working on the world's most awesome battle system!!

Is this the Twlight Zone? Or perhaps Bright Falls?

My baby :)

Edifice: The Old, Decrepit Version

I just want to drop a line and say I love the artwork!

Gameplay is the only thing that matters

Oh! I just remembered a great example of this in the real world. Grandia Xtreme. It was a ton of fun, but the story was a joke. It sent you to the same 5 locations over and over each time with like 20 levels of depth. Now THAT was a combat simulator.

But my real issue with story is not the storyline itself, it's the individual scenes/dialogue/etc. And the pacing.

Gameplay is the only thing that matters

My issue is, I can only seem to come up with gameplay ideas and not story or anything else. Kinda leaves me in a bad spot because I can't really do anything with just gameplay. No one wants a battle simulator.


Yeah, I've always just gone for a minimalist style. If I pick this project back up, I'll consider redoing it.


Thanks :) Did you give the demo a try? What did you think, if you did?


Thanks :) The font name is Trajan Pro anyone is wondering, though for the 'A' in STAR, I just flipped a 'V' over :P


Yeah, all of Carlsev's maps are very well done! This area in particular was a fun "dungeon," if you will.

Gameplay is the only thing that matters

From my experience, while gameplay is important, if you don't follow with an interesting story and at least decent graphics, people tend to not care. (In the indie world, I mean.)

I have always felt that great gameplay is the most important aspect of a game, though. A good example, in the commercial market, would be the Mario games. Even the latest releases like Mario Galaxy--the story is almost non-existent and it's obvious that gameplay is Mario's focus.

In fact, if I recall correctly, Shigeru Miyamoto once said that when coming up for a game idea, they tend to use a block or shape as the character and place it in a virtual world where the immediately begin designing the gameplay. They don't start with an epic storyline or a fantastic character design.

I think this is where the design for Kirby came from. He was initially just a little white blob to be replaced by an actual character at a later date, but everyone thought it was such a charming little blob that they kept him. :) I do love me some Kirby!