An ATB system with a small change

Sorry for the double post but I wanted to show the idea in a mock-battle:

Simply tap an arrow key to select a character, tap a number key to choose a command, and then finally tap an arrow (to target an ally) or a number (to target an enemy) to execute the command.


Yeah, I hadn't thought to do that, but that's a good idea. I think I can do something along the lines of what the menu system does. Slightly darker boxes around certain areas to sharpen it and make things a little less bland.

Thanks for the suggestion :)

Demo 1 now available

Yeah I did, though it might have just been this game. It's changed names several times. But I also made an action rpg called Aura Stones. Maybe that was it...

Devil Star

Thanks! Im glad you're interested. Let me know what you think and how far you got. :)


Yeah, it's an old project. It's really not very confusing at all. The only thing you can interact with directly are your Goods (items) and your Accessories. And you can cast a healing spell if needed.

This project is like 5 years old, I just felt bad throwing it all away because of some issues (like the ugliness).

The idea was to keep the entire menu on a single page. (Bad idea I know now)

Full control and non-control

I agree. It can be very rewarding to see your tactics play out so well. When my brother first bought Ogre Battle for SNES, I remember thinking "oh its like FF2 (US)" but when I saw that your units commands were automated, I was disgusted. I didn't get it at all. But a few months later I gave it a shot anyway and it's now a personal favorite.

But, as kentona said, if the AI ruins it, it's no fun at all.

A Game Designer's Manifesto

I think most games would be fine if they didn't have l i t t l e m o n e y, ... ... ... ... ... ..., and epically slow custences.

OMG freakin FFT! I really despised that part, and every time I started a new game, I dreaded that cutscene.

The irony is that they fixed that slowdown in the PSP remake, but managed to flood the entire battle system with it!


Survival Points (Darwin will be proud...)

This sounds similar to a system I'm working on--I like it!

Oh, and Buttsniff, classic XD

Sorry, I don't know much about your game except what's posted here. Are Leo and Samson animals? (I hope, with buttsniffing going on...)

I'd like to see more :)

Edit: Oops, this site is still new to me, so I didn't realize there was an entire other section I'd missed. I see now they are cubs :p

An ATB system with a small change

Well, in this game, there isn't a higher level version of any ability or spell. Each character has 7 unique abilities, and you can equip 4 at a time and are able to swap them outside of combat. As the character increases in power, the abilities become more powerful as well. Some example abilities from my mage character, Senan, are: (note that the stamina cost is in parentheses)

Lightning Bolt - Launches a bolt of lightning, causing 90 elemental damage to an enemy. (3 stamina)
Frostbite - Blasts an enemy with a freezing wind, causing 50 elemental damage and slowing them. (2 stamina)
Firestorm - Releases a scorching wave, causing 40 elemental damage to all enemies. (4 stamina)
Dispel Magic - Removes a negative effect from an ally or a beneficial effect from an enemy. (1 stamina)
Haste - Shifts time around an ally, increasing their stamina generation rate by 25%. (3 stamina)

As you can see, there is no clear "better" ability. You use lightning bolt when you want to strike an enemy hard, frostbite when you want to decrease the damage the party takes (because the enemy attacks less often), firestorm when there are 3 or 4 enemies on screen, dispel magic to remove status effects, and finally, haste for tougher battles where you need a boost.

An ATB system with a small change

Yeah, after thinking it over, I think it will not fully heal your characters outside of combat. Maybe all characters will heal a small amount (like 10%) after a fight ends and any remaining damage must be removed using stamina or items.

Thanks Joseph :) This is why I enjoy posting my ideas because when I get another perspective, I'm able to rethink what I've chosen and make changes.