Single Character RPGs: How Can They Work?

NewBlack: That sounds pretty interesting. Would there be a point to melee weapons at all? In Parasite Eve, melee weapons (batons) were weaker and had a very small range, but had lots of passive perks like Steal (or Mug, I suppose) and Auto-Potion.

Also being able to combine the functionalities of the guns in a system similar to Chrono Trigger maybe would be really cool, if you could do it!

Tanking for Health and... well, Health

Very cool, Karsuman! I'm eager for more information about the game :)

Tanking for Health and... well, Health

Craze convinced me to post these. They come from a very streamlined game that reduces variables and randomization to a very limited degree. Outside of a threat system, all randomization is user-generated (e.g. evasion and miss rates do not exist unless an ability does so).

These are not all of the characters, just the ones related to tanking. Note that the only costs skills have is turn cooldowns.

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Wow, this sounds very fun! This is essentially my favorite type of game that I want to make/play. I want an RPG where combat completely revolves around the actions a character can perform and the way in which the player uses them. As much as I love Final Fantasy, it's really fun to get away from the Attack, Magic, Defend, Item mantra.

Each character listed is very interesting! Would you be willing to post more from other types other than tank? :D

Stamina CBS Project

Hehe, well I'm trying to keep everything cleanly organized so that it doesn't get out of hand and become a huge mess.


Yeah, that is a good idea, thanks :) I'll play around with little icons and see what I can do. Also, on the blog page, there is a video of the game in motion if you want to check it out!

Single Character RPGs: How Can They Work?

Parasite Eveand DGuy's Chimera Report have a battle system conducive to single-character RPG'ing.
I would most certainly consider it turn-based.
I believe this system is fitting for a single-character game because you can pick and choose your battles and, if you're good enough, make it through battles without getting hit.

My apologies if this was mentioned. I've not yet read the whole topic. It's too big in comparison to my attention span.

EDIT: Read it. I stand by what I said. (I think...)

I agree, I was gonna post a similar post. Parasite Eve is one of my favorites and I was super frustrated when PEII changed the formula to be more like Resident Evil. Also Chimera Report is one of my favorite RPG maker demos.

I currently have a conceptual idea of a game that runs like PE or CR, but more in the style of Elder Scrolls, very open ended. But not quite as general as those games.

Single Character RPGs: How Can They Work?

Single Character RPGs
Vagrant Story
Which was a horribly balanced game where everything was harder than hard. Everything took hundreds of hits to kill, "exploiting" weaknesses didn't seem to do that much, and the bosses were just insane. Not the good fun kind of hard, it was the more annoying broken game kind of hard.

That's too bad because the weapon customization and level exploration is amazing.

Actually it was just a complicated system that if you didn't use it exactly right, the game became almost impossible. When I first played, I was fighting a boss and every weapon I had did 1 damage. Needless to say, I restarted.

One I actually understood the attribute system, the game was not too hard and was quite fun!

Stamina CBS Project

Narcodis, thanks it wasn't too much work, actually, but ONLY because of the RPG Maker hacked files that I included like picture limit increase and POINTERS! I can't even begin to explain how important pointers are. The command that runs the damage numbers is like 8 lines of code total for any amount of damage below 10,000.

Irill, the battles are initiated by just touching them, but for the demo, they are just set to random movement, not pursuant behavior. In the final game, I wanted to have a system where the enemies wander around, but when you get close they give chase.

Xandedil, glad you like it! Yeah the fast paced feeling was actually an idea when I would play the Grandia games. They have that real-time combat but when a character uses a special ability, the world pauses and I always thought that was annoying. I was going for a more realistic approach by having anyone attack at any time like Baldur's Gate or Dragon Age, but I didn't think I could realistically pull off the free form fighting so I chose the Final Fantasy line style. It took a while of set up, but now that the groundwork is in place, fleshing out the abilities isn't that much work. Glad you like the menu too, I wanted something simple to use.

Link_2112, :) thanks!

Real Time, Real Fun

Thanks guys! Nightblade, do you have any specific ideas for UI improvement?

HP Recovery... after every battle? MADNESS! (Resource Management)

Craze: that sounds like a fantastic idea. A lot more fun than the old "kill the party of slimes" concept.