Alchemy video demo

This looks really interesting :) can't wait to check it out!

Battle system updates from the past week

That's a great way to handle poison damage when you have rounds. Also the icons are looking quite nice :D

Trivializing the SoulKeys boss:

I'm still working on the demo right now but this game is ridiculously good. I'm having a blast playing it and I LOVE the graphics!

I was going to wait to post until after I'd finished it, but I just really wanted to let you know how much fun I was having :D

Magic, Skills, & Special Abilities... Part 1

This sounds really interesting! I like the ideas behind Focus and Burst rather than the standard 2 and 3. It makes more sense, too. I could see a mage empowering themselves with additional power, improving their spells but consuming more of their magic.

Kate sounds like fun, too. As far as Feline fury goes, can she just use that whenever she wants to? I like the ideas behind Feline fury, Fury attack, and Berserking.

The Princess looks interesting, but could maybe use some more abilities. Perhaps a Chakra style skill (restores HP and/or MP and/or some/all status ailments.)
Also with the princess, what would determine how often she can use her abilities? MP? Or just unlimited?

Title and logo graphic poll

I think I like number ONE the best. Maybe the gray of SIX, too. Both are my favorites.

Big news coming soon

I have an inkling ;D

Catching Up with the Past

How's the game going? Haven't seen any updates in a little while and was just wondering if you'd made any progress worth showing off.

On Like Donkey Kong

This sounds good! I'm not familiar with the custom battle engines but hopefully it will stay tactics as I haven't played a fun tactics game in a while.

On the subject of difficulty, it's fine as long as the player realizes. If they know to be cautious and to ensure that they update to the latest equipment and keep the appropriate number of healing items on hand, then they should be fine.

Excited to see more!

I'll See You at the Crossroads

This sounds like a fantastic idea. I hope it's not too hard to implement, but if you can do it, it'd be a lot of fun to play!
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