Old School Black Hole

Sounds fantastic! I can't wait to hear more info!

Devil's Smile: Why V&V's Battle System is Interesting

I have a question about chains. If a skill has, let's say, Chain 4, does that mean it just has a completely random chance to chain 1 to 4 times? Is there a way to increase the chance that a skill will chain more?

Blitzers rely on their stats and weapons to produce long chains

Does this mean that there's a stat that affects how often a skill chains?

Sexy Sibyl: Warlock Characters that Work

The combat system to V&V sounds fantastic! It really seems like fighting will be a lot of fun, unlike many RPGs (unfortunately.)

I was curious if you had posted any information about the way you're handling equipment. Does each character have their own weapon? Or can you put a sword and/or shield on anyone? Does it use standard equipment or maybe just a weapon and all accessories like various FF games?

Can't wait to try it :D

Real Time, Real Fun

Thanks guys! Nightblade, do you have any specific ideas for UI improvement?

Introducing...the Carlsev Saga Tactical Battle System

It's gonna be great! :D

A basic rundown

Yeah, sorry about the speed. I did the first fight in Wait Mode to try and alleviate that. But once you know what you're doing, it's like second nature controlling it. When I see someone taking heavy damage (lets say the guy on the left) I know in order to shield him, I have to hit Down, 2, Left. (Down chooses Echo, 2 chooses her Energy Shield, and Left chooses Koh.)

AI isn't too difficult, I hope. For now, the slimes just attack, but I'm going to be adding a generic set of abilities for each enemy. (For simpler enemies, most of their abilities might just be a basic attack.) But then the AI will roll between several of their offensive abilities and it will use their defensive/support abilities as often as it can. The current plan is to place a random cooldown time on those support abilities or the more powerful ones so the enemy isn't constantly healing or buffing or doing triple damage.

I also plan to have custom mechanics like bosses doing neat things that no other enemy does, such as a giant shield you have to eat through to hit him, etc. A lot of the AI is theory at this point because I haven't done it yet... So we'll see!

A basic rundown

Yes. I forgot to type this but tapping an arrow key will pull up that respective character's battle menu. Then tapping 1-5 will select the ability you want to use, then, for choosing a target, you press either an arrow key to target an ally, or a number key to target an enemy, and the ability is executed.

It's almost like a real-time Chrono Cross. In CC, you could flip between characters whenever you had the stamina to use an ability.

Demo 1 now available

Yeah I did, though it might have just been this game. It's changed names several times. But I also made an action rpg called Aura Stones. Maybe that was it...

Survival Points (Darwin will be proud...)

This sounds similar to a system I'm working on--I like it!

Oh, and Buttsniff, classic XD

Sorry, I don't know much about your game except what's posted here. Are Leo and Samson animals? (I hope, with buttsniffing going on...)

I'd like to see more :)

Edit: Oops, this site is still new to me, so I didn't realize there was an entire other section I'd missed. I see now they are cubs :p
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