I think the correct grammar would be "Didn't you hear the bell? They are warning us to leave now!"

If Cytha is unaware of the reason, and if she automatically connects the ringing of the bell as being a warning of danger stirring, she could perhaps say "Didn't you hear the bell? That signals a warning! I'm unsure what's happening, but come with me, we have to leave urgently!"

I'm not saying my English is any good here, but it's another example.


Even as an "exception" I don't think it's good mapping design from a gameplay perceptive.

Here's a good tutorial that helped me lots when I begun using RPG Maker, it's for VX but the same rules apply for Ace. (I personally still don't like this map feeling there are too many interiors in the end result, but this is still a good example following helpful tips).

Whether the tutorial helps you or not, I'm making a reference to it specifically to point out the third screenshot under "Laying out the foundation", this screenshot is a solid example on how to take your time mapping in a neat order while knowing in advance what will go where.

So if I were to apply this rule to mapping a forest, I'd plan out the ground tiles I'll be using, then the boarder of the forest (the trees) first. If I was going to mix some grass tiles for the trees to lay under I'd mix that in at that stage too. At the same time my mind would focus on knowing how many buildings I want in this map and where abouts I'd want them located.

Since you wanted a pound, pathways and a cliff too I'd consider making sure the foundation is built to allow houses placed very near the pathway.

I'd check the size isn't too small or too big, meaning the houses could fit fine on the map without being too distant or too close and that the player can explore it without there going to be huge chunks of empty space.

Then I'd add in the buildings/houses and lastly add the additional details such as fences, flowers, logs, barrels, billboards, etc.

Another tip, have a lot of patience. Take your time and relax when doing a map. Maps turn out better when our minds are focused and not in a rush. If the map needs to be scratched, don't let that bother you and you learn from the experience.

Oh, and good job on the pound in the above screenshot! You separated the cliff tile nicely there, a mistake most beginners seem to never notice.


In terms of the scattering problem I mentioned in your previous town map, you've resolved that here. Each point is clear and the pathway directs nicely from PointA to PointB, well done there! I'm glad you decide to think where you'd like each location to be, and you have a nice variety with the different shaped buildings and cliffs.

However, this map is still unnecessarily large. It's actually larger than your previous map even. It looks like it'd be a real pain trying to roam around it, I strongly recommend you reduce the map size a lot otherwise players probably won't enjoy roaming around this map.

For additional details, you can make use of the grassy tiles, the smaller tree tiles and the flower tiles. Perhaps some logs, billboards or the like would look good too.


I actually have a different opinion here where I like the idea you implemented of having different colored flames, as to me I felt that added some sense of mystery and adventure to the map.

I'm sure it could still be improved upon, (if you want to, perhaps experiment with changing the structure of the building and making the detail on the grass below stand out more) though I do like the looks of this as it is.


From this screenshot, most of the ideas on this map are good, but mapping comes down to learning what the right tiles to mix/copy/paste are and what doesn't work. I end up with some ugly maps, some okay maps and some nice-looking maps too. You improve the more you practice.


Very nice in my opinion. I like the fireplace being in the room opposite the counter.


This is good. If you want experiment on it further, you could try adding cliffs followed by a little more of a path to the tower, but otherwise, just as it is, it's a good map!


I feel the sudden patch of the snow-forest tile is odd in this particular map, I recommend replacing it with the regular snow trees. As alterego said, I recommend mixing those single snow trees with the more larger snow trees, and keeping them all off the regular pathway.

For the top with the graveyard, I recommend having the detail on the far right and left on the map and in the middle just make a clear clean pathway from the player to approach the end grave. This will probably look tidier and neater.

All in all though, good job so far!


Judging by what appears in this screen shot, it may be better to reduce the pathway from 3 walkable tiles to 2.


Hey jomarcenter, since you asked for feedback I though you may want my two cent here.

Personally, I prefer using a single black square for the doorways rather than two, I think the sample maps mostly use a single blank square? Have you tired this?

Keeping maps smaller usually work best over larger ones with the RTP. I know when you come up with the idea to create a town or a city you instantly attach the idea the bigger the better, but actually think of the size of the character sprites that will be roaming around the map? There is no need to keep large gaps between each transferable spot on the map.

I think it's great you're using a pathway to direct the players across the map, except in this case it looks a mess. If you plan to improve the map it'd be better to create a single path between each location rather than scattering this out everywhere.

I suppose to sum what I am trying to say: You're using all the right techniques to making a good map except instead of keeping it tidy your scattering it out everywhere and thinking on a slightly too large a scale. Going back using the exact techniques you're using on this map, but keeping in mind where you want each location to be, then create Valimourt town more tidy would make all the difference.

I don't want you to feel discouraged by my feedback though, it looks to me like you're still getting a grip on mapping and honestly my maps would have looked similar to this when I first practiced with RPG Maker. Looking at your past maps, you've already improved here.

It does take time to get good at mapping, but keep practicing!

I actually advise you keep mapping for now and focus on only that, and receiving feedback from your maps. Once you get good at this skill I recommend going back to all of your maps for this project and revamping them. It may seem like a lot of effort right now, but honestly it would really improve the visual quality of your game and be worth it.

Good luck!
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