Star Stealing Prince Review

For those saying/thinking that this review shouldn't have been approved; on what grounds should I have denied it? Because I disagree with it? It isn't my place to decide whether someone is playing wrong, or what opinions they are allowed to have.

This review, to me, comes across as expressing genuine frustration at the difficulty of the game. The takeaway is "Hey guys, this game is really hard, it was so hard that I didn't enjoy playing it." That is a completely legitimate criticism to have, and a useful one for potential players to see, even if not everyone agrees.

Similarly, it's okay to dislike a review and not let it affect your perception of the game.

I agree it's fine to have the criticism they have, but HOW is this useful for ANY potential players? HOW can we agree or disagree with this review when we don't know the beginning?

I mean Ayanin never explained to me, or anyone here, WHY they found this game frustrating, WHY they had to do hours of level grinding, WHY they found enemies to overkill, and WHY it became "unplayable" as if we'd ALL have this exact same experience, and that's not the case at all.

From the looks of it, Ayanin should have said
"I'm the type of player that does Y when playing games (or this type of game) and the game gave me X, which I found frustrated and hated. If you're like me and like games where you go with Y this may be one to miss. When you do Y (and this we as the reader assume is a reasonable thing to be doing) so and so happens so I believe the game deserves 2/5".

THAT would've been valuable.

As it stands, I can't understand the Y, the cause. Therefore HOW can this help anyone? For all I know the Y could been he didn't plug in the toaster. I'd like to know if that's the case, as then it's not a good enough reason for a 2/5.

By the end of it I learn nothing on what the reviewer was doing so I can't tell, and without the root causes, no matter what they say the effects were I can't guess his own choices. This makes the review meaningless, vague, and possibly misleading.

It's like reading the 2nd half of a book and missing the first half to know why that's happening.

This was nothing like my experience, had I read this review before downloaded the game I may have taken it seriously. On that grounds I don't feel this is at all useful for any potential players.

From the looks of it, the developer can't take anything of use from this either.

I don't want to sound harsh or mean, but this is honestly how it looks to me.

Star Stealing Prince Review

All I can add is, during my play through I didn't find the game "hard" at all. From my memory I did have to do grinding later in the game. A few of the puzzles were a quite challenging, and I admit I did die a few times during some of the boss fights and ended up looking through the guide provided at the wiki, but I'm surprised you found this "hard" Ayanin.

Then again, it's been a long while since I last played this so if there truly is a luck element I missed knowing of, perhaps I got lucky?

I'm still surprised by the 2 star rating, I personally loved this. The story, gameplay, visuals. The whole game was stunning for my own personal experience so I'm shocked you had such a struggling, difficult and negative experience in comparison. (That is what you mean by "hard"?)
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