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1998 Review

Thank you so much for reviewing the game! I loved reading your insights. I would get ending 3 if you want a little more about Jun's character, there's a few surprises about him (ie. There's a good reason why Audrey and Jun can't be lovers). I'm so glad you enjoyed the game! I made it primarily to have some sort of portfolio of my art and music in case I wanted to collaborate on bigger projects in the future. Thank you for taking the time to write this, I really appreciate it.


Thank you so much for offering to help! However, the testing phase of the game is pretty much over. The game is almost ready for a final release, so I want to put off testing so you’ll get to enjoy the full game.


Thank you so much! I’ve definitely changed up the facesets to make the outlines darker and the faces more realistic, but I pretty much kept the cutscenes the same.


Thank you so much! And actually, the significance of 1998 is a personal thing to the main character; it's revealed in the game. Both Audrey and Jun were born in 1990, and the story takes place in 2007.


Thank you guys so much! Gosh, your comments mean so much to me, they really do.


Haha, thats just the highlight on top of her head!

Kago to Torii

Can't wait to see where this goes. The quality of the artwork and maps is amazing, and the little extra mysteries and fan involvement makes this so unique!

Aria's Story

So excited that it's almost done. Along with Pocket Mirror and Dreaming Mary, I think a whole new genre of games is emerging.
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