[RM2K3] having trouble installing Maniacs Patch

the title says it all. I think the problem is that I'm using the version intended for the official Steam version of RPG Maker 2003. if so, where can I find the latest version without it being likely exclusive to the Steam version?

you are stuck in a videogame for 1 week

ok. lets get things straight:
you are stuck in a videogame for 1 week. anything you earn in that videogame is brought back with you. HOWEEEEEEEEEEEEVEEEERRRRRRRRRRR, since things have to go wrong, if you die in the game world, you die in real life. the one rule is simple:
you can't use any cheats in the game. SO, which videogame do you choose, and what do you do?

[RM2K3] can't find tutorial!

looking for a common events tutorial, but can't find it on the Tutorial page of RM2K3. could anyone link me one?

deciding which engine to use

so i was using rpg maker 2003 for some time and upon seeing a nice rpg maker mv game i was doubting myself that rpg maker 2003 simply isn't good enough for my first game (its nothing too big, don't worry)
i was wondering what engine i should use for my first game. any recommendations?

[RM2K3] i need templates!

basically, i need the templates. the main 'useful rpg maker thingies' links and pictures are either all dead or gone or whatever happened to them, so i would really appreciate if someone handed me the templates.


idk how to import these things, everytime i try to it just says unsupported png image. send help? (from top 2 below, the charset, faceset and title)

hi, i'm new!

hi. my name is awe famsquad.
favorite color? green.
hat? yes.
game developing? why not?
art? definitely yes.
i'm joining this forum mainly to get help with rm2k3, to make a game where you destroy the sun.
and to play games.
i like games, too.

(also, how do i set a profile picture?)
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